Anyoption Review: The Best and the Worst of the Anyoption Binary Options Trading Platform

Anyoption is maybe the most technologically advanced binary options trading platform on the market. With functionality including touch options, roll forward, and take profit, the Anyoption platform may be the best choice for serious binary options traders.

Anyoption Review: The Best Features of the Anyoption Binary Options Trading Platform

Losing Trade Return: Anyoption offers the largest return for losing trades amongst the leading binary options trading platforms at 15%. Most other platforms offer between 0%-10%.

Take Profit: Because the binary options platforms on the market today do not allow traders to sell out of their positions, traders have to be a little creative in terms of hedging current positions with other option purchases. On the Anyoption platform binary options traders have the ability to Take Profit on a position, meaning, in the event your trade is in the money with a few minutes left before lockout, you have the ability to effectively close out of your position and take profits. This Take Profit option is not free though; traders will need to sacrifice a portion of their winning to exercise this option, but if you are not feeling good about your position right before lockout it may be worth the sacrifice.

Roll Forward: Say you placed a trade and the underlying asset just won’t seem to move firmly in your desired direction. With the lock-out period looming you are unclear what you should do and just wished that you had more time for your thesis to play out. Anyoption has a solution for you; it’s called Roll Forward. In the Roll Froward option, traders are given the option to push their expiration period out (at a cost) to the next available expiration period.

One Touch Functionality: Anyoption gives binary options traders the ability to place weekly touch trades on the weekend. These trades profit if the asset you selected ever touches the pre-determined level at any point during the week. Profits and losses are added to / subtracted from your account at the end of the expiration cycle (end of the week), regardless of when the asset touches the level. One Touch trades can only be placed on the weekend through the Anyoption platform.

Anyoption Review: The Worst Features of the Anyoption Binary Options Trading Platform

Deposit Bonuses: Anyoption rarely, if ever, extends deposit bonuses for binary options traders. Not sure why, I guess they believe the additional functionality makes their platform standout from the rest and they don’t need to compete on bonuses with their competition.

Withdrawal Restrictions: The Anyoption platform allows for only 1 free withdrawal a month, additional withdrawals within the month will be charged a fee of $30.

New depositing customers of Anyoption can receive a free copy of the Binary Options Blueprint, a free version of The Lazy Day Trader’s Binary Options Trading System along with over $1,000 worth of trading courses and systems highlighted in the Bonus of the Day box in the right hand column of the site. Simply click on any of the Anyoption links in this review, sign-up for the platform, deposit the minimum amount, and forward your confirmation to the email address on our Contact Page at the top of the screen. Your binary options bonus package will be emailed to you upon receipt.

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Anyoption Review

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