EZTrader: The Best and the Worst of the EZTrader Binary Options Trading Platform

EZTrader is probably is the best known of the binary options trading platforms on the market today. EZTrader typically offers the highest deposit bonuses but they vary significantly on a daily basis on their website. To avoid this variation, we’ve worked out a special deal with EZTrader to provide readers of the Binary Options Weekly a 45% bonus  ($250) on deposits of $550. To access this deal click the link below:

EZTrader 45% Deposit Bonus

EZTrader: The Best Features of the EZTrader Binary Options Trading Platform

Generous Deposit Bonuses: As we mentioned above, typically the highest in the business. Check out the current promotions box on the right side column of this site to view deals on amounts other than $550 for the EZTrader platform.

US Based Stocks: The EZTrader binary options trading platform offers binary options contracts on major US stocks including: Apple, Google, Starbucks, JP Morgan, Ebay, and Dell amongst others. If you’re specialty is US stocks, then EZTrader is likely the platform for you.

Lack of Withdrawal Restrictions: EZTrader allows you to withdrawal from your account any amount at any time, with no restrictions on withdrawals of amounts deposited or profited.

EZTrader: The Worst Features of the EZTrader Binary Options Trading Platform

Lock-Out Period: This is hands down the most often heard complaint in regards to the EZTrader binary options trading platform. EZTrader locks traders out a full 15 minutes prior to expiration, the largest lock-out period of all the leading binary trading platforms. For traders looking to play extremely short-term trends/reversals this could be a major issue for you.

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