OptionBit Review: The Best and the Worst of the OptionBit Binary Options Trading Platform

OptionBit is best known for being the low-cost binary options trading platform on the market today. What may be surprising is that the low-cost leader is also one of the true innovators in the space as OptionBit is one of the few binary options platforms to offer Touch Options and the soon to be released Range Options.

OptionBit Review: The Best Features of the OptionBit Binary Options Trading Platform

Low Minimum Trade Amount: OptionBit allow binary options traders to trade contracts with as little as $10, far below the industry average of $30 per trade. The minimum deposit amount for the OptionBit platform is $100.

Touch Option Functionality: OptionBit recently launched its touch trading binary options functionality. In touch trading, binary options traders select either a high target or low target determined by OptionBit and collects a return of a round 190% should the asset ever touch the level the binary options trader selected at any point prior to expiration. Touch Options are available on a daily basis on the OptionBit platform.

Attractive Deposit Bonuses: OptionBit typically offers deposit bonuses up to 30% on their site. We’ve worked out special deals with OptionBit that are typically higher than the deals being offered through the general OptionBit website. Check the current promotions box in the right side column of this site to view the latest deals. Click HERE to register with OptionBit for free and claim your bonus.

Lock-Out Period: OptionBit locks out trades 5 minutes prior to expiration, easily the smallest lock-out period amongst the leading binary options trading platforms. This allows binary options traders the ability to continue to trade/hedge positions for 55 minutes of a typical 60-minute expiration.

OptionBit Review: The Worst Features of the OptionBit Binary Options Trading Platform

Maximum Trade Amount: While this may not be a concern for most beginning binary options traders but for more advanced traders OptionBit’s maximum trade amount of $999 could present a problem. The industry average maximum trade amount is around $3,000.

Losing Trade Return: OptionBit is one of the few binary options trading platforms to not offer any percentage return for losing trades. Thus the binary options traded on this platform are purely all-or-nothing.

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OptionBit Review

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