StartOptions: The Best and the Worst of the StartOptions Binary Options Trading Platform

StartOptions is slowly becoming the binary options trading platform of choice for many binary options traders. From generous deposit bonuses to access to free practice accounts StartOptions offers both beginner and more advanced binary options traders a solid execution platform and clean user interface. Trading binary options on the StartOptions platform is pretty straightforward; traders choose an asset to trade, insert a trade amount, select a put (below) or call (above), and hit the Trade button to place the trade. The user interface is highlighted in the picture below:

StartOptions Trade Screen

StartOptions: The BEST Features of the StartOptions Binary Options Trading Platform

Generous Deposit Bonuses: StartOptions typically offers a deposit bonus of 25% usually dependent on the total amount deposited. However, we’ve arranged a special, exclusive deal with StartOptions for readers of the Binary Options Weekly: Sign up through the link below or through the registration form in the right column and receive a 40% ($200) on deposits of $500:

StartOptions 40% Deposit Bonus

Practice Account Access: Whether it’s through their own platform or through their partner platform, Tradesmarter, StartOptions offers beginning binary options traders access to a practice, paper-trading account. So if you are tentative about jumping in and trading real money, you can gain a sense of comfort with the trading functionality and test your binary options strategy in a risk free manner. To gain access click here: StartOptions Practice Account and register for the StartOptions platform or for quicker access register through the StartOptions registration box located in the right column of this site.

Sentiment Indicator: StartOptions is one of the only binary options brokers to provide a real time sentiment indicator on their platform. The indicator tracks the percentage of puts vs. calls purchased on a given asset during the current expiration period. This is a nice feature and possibly a data point to consider before placing a trade.

Deposit / Trade Amounts / Return: StartOptions requires a minimum deposit amount of $100 and minimum trade amount of $30, basically in-line with the industry average. Winning trades return 60-81% with losing trades returning 10% of your trade amount.

StartOptions: The WORST Features of the StartOptions Binary Options Trading Platform

Limited Number of US Stocks: This is really only a ‘Worst’ if you like to trade US stock based binary options. The StartOptions platform currently only offers binary contracts on 5 US underlying stocks (Apple, Google, Cisco, Microsoft, and Yahoo).

Lock-Out Period: StartOptions locks out trades 10 minutes prior to expiration. While this isn’t the worst amount of time to be locked out, other platforms offer 5-minute lock-out periods, meaning you can continue to trade/hedge your binary options positions for 5 minutes longer than you can on the StartOptions platform.

****Exclusive StartOptions Deal for Binary Options Weekly Readers: Register with StartOptions for FREE using the form in the right column of this site and receive a $200 bonus (40%) for deposits of $500. ****

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