Striker9 Binary Options Trading System: A Comprehensive Review

Striker9 Review

Early Take-Aways / Observations of the Striker9 Binary Options Trading System

Half way through our Striker9 review; wanted to share some early observations through our 1st 10 days trading the system:

  • Striker9 Light works best on binary options trading platforms with short ‘lock-out’ periods like OptionBit
  • Easy to understand and implement. Videos were helpful in explaining the system and for periodic review.
  • Good system for those who have little to no experience trading binary options over short intervals or who simply don’t have a disciplined system/approach to trading.
  • May not be the best fit for experienced traders or those with extensive experience trading stocks over short-intervals.

These are our early observations of Striker9, feel free to read our real-time review below for greater detail. We will be finishing up the review next week and will publish our final analysis here.

Striker9 Binary Options Trading System Review

Over the next few weeks we will be testing out the Striker9 binary options trading system and posting daily returns for readers of this site and our partner site DerivStrategies. With documented returns in excess of 80% and it being the first trading system designed specifically for binary options trading, we figured we needed to test it out to see if this is something you should consider purchasing. Check back in frequently as we will take you through the steps and share our results with you:

Striker9 Registration:

Submitted payment for the Striker9 Lite Version through PayPal this morning. Plimus is handling the order processing for Striker9 and we received an email after purchasing that the order is currently being reviewed “for quality purposes, this process is usually completed within a few minutes, however, please allow up to 12 hours to hear back from us.”

Received an automated call from Plimus to verify the purchase and received an email receipt and a license registration email from Striker9. Registration took 2 minutes and then I was granted access to the system which looks to consist of 7 videos and 2 PDFs. Spoke too soon, was not granted immediate access was instructed to send an email to support who then sent an email back with full access to the system.

Striker9 Binary Options Trading System First Impressions

Working through the videos now, not a fan of this guy’s presentation style. Something about his monotone voice and ‘you knows’ and ‘oks’ irks me but I’ve put that on the back burner and am forging through the information. The system in itself seems pretty easy to learn and, looking back over the many examples the Striker9 guys provide in the videos, seems to yield winning trades the majority of the time, so needless to say I’m pretty anxious to test drive Striker9 in the morning. In the meantime I’m digging through some historical charts to see just how accurate this system would’ve been over the past 6 months (while acknowledging true trading and back testing are 2 very different things and past performance is no guarantee for future results, or something like that). So on first impression, not overly impressed with the presentation of the material but if the Striker9 binary options trading system works like they are touting it to have in the past few months it will not matter. Hey as long as I can make back the $197 I paid for it I’ll be pretty happy. Tomorrow we are live with posted results so check back in:

Striker9 Light Trading Day 1:

Reviewed a couple of the videos again this morning to make sure I had the system down as much as I can in 1 day. Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to pick up the binary options signal for an Amazon (AMZN) binary call opportunity that would have netted me a cool 81% on EZTrader. Because I only purchased the Striker9 Light version, my trading review is done for the day as the Full Striker9 program incorporates a different system into picking entry points. So in the end NO TRADES today, back to studying the system and preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Striker9 Light Trading Day 2:

Started analyzing opportunities around 10:00, really thought Apple was going to make the cut but alas no Apple (AAPL) trade today. However Amazon (AMZN) set up pretty nicely for a binary put purchase. I pulled the trigger and within a few minutes AMZN shares were down 25 cents, however my foray in-the-money was short lived as AMZN rallied and I was out $47.50. I guess we’ll be starting in the hole on this Trading System review. I intend to make at least 20 trades before declaring a verdict.

Striker9 Scorecard

Striker9 Light Trading Day 3:

Came down to Apple and Amazon again today and this time I was fortunate enough to catch the binary options signal in time to purchase a binary put on AMZN. While it wasn’t an overwhelming slam-dunk type of victory (was holding my breath until the end) it was a victory nonetheless. Winner, winner chicken dinner! So now we’re up to 50% in the winning percentage column and a slight loss in the P/L column due to differences in binary options trading platform winning and losing percentages.

Striker9 Scorecard

Striker9 Light Trading Day 4:

Reviewed the videos again today to make sure I’m well prepared for today’s binary options trading. Interesting setups this morning as it seems most of the major names I like to trade using this system are bumping up against short term resistance AND support leaving very little area to place trades. Apple for one is trading right around $250, likely having to do with the “pin risk” effect we’ve noted in previous reports. That being said it’s pretty hard to take a definitive binary option position with many forces working against each other. Another thing I’ve noticed with the Striker9 binary options trading system is the ‘lock-out’ period is very important. I’ve been using EZTrader to date, but I would likely be better off using this system in conjunction with OptionBit or Anyoption as they have much shorter lock-out periods, 5-minutes vs. 15-minutes for EZTrader. Something to keep in mind when using the system. As for today’s trades, against my better judgment I purchased binary put options on both Google (GOOG) and Amazon (AMZN), as the system suggested I do such. Well I’m glad I did as both binary put positions ended up in-the-money, barely ($0.13 on AMZN and $0.40 on GOOG), but still another winning day. AMZN is clearly becoming one of my favorite stocks to play in this Striker9 System. So we end the week on a 2-day win streak and more importantly in-the-money. Check back in on Monday for Day 5 of the Striker9 Light Binary Options Trading System review.

Striker9 Binary Options Trading Scorecard

Striker9 Light Trading Day 5:

Week 2 starts off with a NO TRADE day. I despise no trade days as I want to be out there trading and documenting results for you but I’m not going to trade for trades sake as that would defeat the purpose of this review.  However one thing is becoming overwhelmingly clear: the Striker9 binary options trading system works best on  platforms with short lock-out periods. I would’ve been able to trade a couple of my target names had I not been locked out at 10:45 on the EZTrader platform. The 5-minute lock-out periods on OptionBit would seem to be optimal for trading this system.

Striker9 Light Trading Day 6:

Winner, winner chicken dinner! Finally got to trade AAPL today, not sure what my fascination is with AAPL maybe it’s just that I tried last week to trade it every day and never was afforded a strong entry point. Trading with the Striker9 Light Version of this binary options trading system forces you to trade the first 90 minutes and a lot of the time these names are consolidating around moving averages after their initial moves which makes it a tough call when placing trades. I’m trying to ignore my previous trading theories when trading this system so I can offer a legit unbiased review, but it is hard to break old habits. Anyways I’ll chalk up another victory with a binary call option purchase in AAPL and highlight my stats below:

Striker9 Scorecard

Striker9 Light Trading Day 7:

I know I keep repeating it but the ‘lock-out’ period is becoming an issue in terms of getting trades off in the Striker9 system. I initially chose EZTrader due to its relatively large number of US based equities, which I’ve been trading for some time now as well as its generous deposit bonus ($250 for deposits of $550) but I’m realizing the extra 10 minutes of binary options trading time a platform like OptionBit offers will likely become a longer term benefit. OptionBit is not stingy with the bonuses either (average of ~30%). The reason I haven’t switched over yet is because I’m still trading bonus money with EZTrader at this point. I’m using $50 trades for this review and when you add the $250 + my winnings thus far I’m still firmly in the money. As for today’s trade took a loss on an AAPL binary put option purchase (which would’ve been avoided had I had more time to trade. Oh well back to the drawing board.

Striker9 Light Trading Day 8:

Patience is the operative word for the day. I find myself trying to force trades before the signal is confirmed, much of this is due to the limited ‘trading window’ of the Striker9 Light binary options trading system and the other part is pressure to to not have another “No Trade’ day. Unfortunately that is exactly what we got today NO TRADE, and even more unfortunately I fell victim to the 15-minute lock out period of EZTrader again. Look at the stock movement of KO, MSFT, and NKE between 10:45 and 10:55, I would’ve been able to capitalize on it using Striker9 Light. So I’m ready to firmly state that if you are thinking of ordering up the Striker9 Light Binary Options Trading System DO NOT use it with EZTrader. This may not hold true for Striker9 Pro as that system allows you to trade the full day. I would recommend OptionBit to use with this system. Actually I’m going to use OptionBit for the remainder of this review, then finally I should be able to get off more than 6 trades in 2 weeks.

Striker9 Light Trading Day 9:

Funded my OptionBit account this weekend to test the Striker9 binary options trading system with a 5 minute lock-out period. Full disclosure, since I still have the majority of my trading funds with EZTrader I only funded my OptionBit account with a small amount and when trading in the OptionBit account I’ll more than likely be using an amount less than $50, so as to not break the “5% rule”. But for consistency sake I’ll calculate the the total profit/loss based on $50 trades. FYI- OptionBit allows you to risk as little as $10 per binary options trade.

The switch to OptionBit has paid dividends already. I was able to purchase binary call options on GOOG and AAPL around 10:50, check the moves for both between 10:45 and 10:55, and eke out 2 small victories. I wouldn’t have been able to make these trades had I continued to trade on EZTrader. Thus rack up 2 more wins for Striker9, bringing my win% back up to 75%.

Striker9 Scorecard

Striker9 Light Trading Day 10:

Extremely small victory in AAPL today on a binary put option purchase. The line between winning and losing is shrinking with the smaller ‘lock-out’ period, leading to some nail-biting in the final seconds. So far I’ve been on the fortunate side, so I’m not going to complain.

Striker9 Scorecard

Striker9 Light Trading Day 11:

Caught a nice little upside break-out in GOOG to rack up another victory. That now makes 8 wins and 2 losses through 10 binary options trades. Interesting early action as I was anticipating a pull-back reversal to play but never got it. AAPL followed a steady trend higher making it difficult to trade under the Striker9 Light system. I really would like to test out the full Striker9 Pro System so I could trade all day, but the price tag ($1,997) makes me want to continue to test the Light version out until I’m more confident this works over the long haul.

Striker9 Scorecard

Striker9 Light Trading Day 12:

Got off 2 trades this morning, purchasing a binary call option on AAPL and purchasing a binary put option in NKE. Won on AAPL and lost on NKE; this drops the winning percentage back down to 75% through 12 trades. Not sure if I’ll trade tomorrow, but am aiming to finish the review by the end of next week.

Striker9 Scorecard

Striker9 Light Trading Day 13:

The winning trend continues as a binary call option purchase of AAPL landed in the money. The Striker9 binary options trading system suggested I buy AAPL at an earlier time (lower price too) but I decided to wait until the last minute before the lock-out period to place the trade. I sacrificed a few cents for an extra few minutes to see if the opportunity would remain. Either way the trade ended in the money bringing my win % up to 77%. Tomorrow will be the last day of the real-time review. I’ll continue to use the system and post from time to time updates and tips on how to best use the Striker9 Light system.

Striker9 Scorecard

Striker9 Light Trading Day 14:

Well we finish up the Striker9 Light binary options trading system review with a NO TRADE day as stocks traded on their 8 or 20 period moving averages and pretty much stayed there during the time when we were looking to initiate a position. So not the best of endings to this review, but with a final winning % of 77% we can firmly recommend the Striker9 Light system as a worthy investment, especially for beginner to intermediate traders.

60 Responses to Striker9 Binary Options Trading System: A Comprehensive Review

  1. Chris says:

    can you tell us if this is mainly an indicator based system or is it based on price action? tks

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris,

      As it stands now, the Striker9 Light system teaches you how to identify entries based primarily on price action.

  2. Larry Guilliouma says:

    I am head of a group of retired friends that have followed your day by day review of the Striker Light program. We wondered why the review has stopped. Is there a problem with Striker that we should know about?

    We are hesitant to individually purchase the program if you are not confident to continue the review. Would you be able to recommend another advisory program for our group?

    • admin says:

      Hi Larry,

      I haven’t stopped, finished Day 6 yesterday on to Day 7 today… Will trade at least 20 times using the system to get a sense of its effectiveness.

  3. mike says:

    Does this system only work at the beginning of the trade day?

    • admin says:

      Striker9 Light only works for the 1st 90 minutes of the trading day. Striker9 Pro is designed to work during equity market hours.

  4. MIKE says:

    Could you please post the second half of your striker9 review on this website aslo. I see you were going to put it on facebook. I do not have an account with facebook & do not wish too.

  5. unclewalt says:

    Can we know which chart service you are using (I would gather you are not using the charts provided for by the binary option sites) – and whether you are using candlestick formations with this system?

    • admin says:

      I’ve been using for charting purposes, though it does freeze up on me every now and then. May look into alternatives in the coming weeks. Any suggestions? and Yes candlestick formations play a part in the system.

      • unclewalt says:

        I also use FreeStockCharts; they provide a very reliable indicator (TSI) which no other service has and I use it to provide entry points using the TSI with 50 day MA. I use 15 min. charts stretched to about 6 days. My main chart when using Index options is BigCharts. I like their charting best, easiest to read and use, but only the large Indices are real-time; the others are delayed which makes them difficult to use at best. MarketWatch has a decent chart service that is free and real time; i.e. the prices are real-time, but the charts seem to lag a few minutes. I only wish Bigcharts had real-time available for a price, that would be my first pick. I will probably have to settle for a paid charting service.

  6. Dale says:

    You have mentioned times in some of your reports. Would you tell me what time zone you are working from?
    Obviously you are an experienced trader, so I have to ask if you think a beginner can understand and apply this system as easily as the originators say in their sales copy?

    • admin says:

      The times mentioned are all Eastern Time Zone (New York). Yes a new trader should be able to learn the system with no problems.

  7. sarge says:

    would this system work as well with S&P or DowJones Index?

    • admin says:

      They say the system works for all assets currently available on leading binary options trading platforms: equities, indices, forex, and commodities.

  8. sarge says:

    Would be interested in another ten days using this system perhaps this time using $100 trades and comparing results with the first go round to see if the winning percentages held. There might even be an improvement now that you are doing closer to expiration trading. Or maybe do 5 trades using the closer to expiration trades (OptionBid) and 5 trades using EZTrader and comparing those results.

    • admin says:

      I’ll continue to run tests on the Light system and may look at running the same type of review on the Full version in the coming months.

  9. DON says:

    Is there a money back guarantee? 77% it seemed like it was hard for you to get that on the review.You sound like you know a lot about trading how would I be able to get better then you?

    • admin says:

      Not sure if there’s a money back guarantee, I can’t recall off hand, it’s probably addressed though on the Striker9 site.

  10. Neil says:

    What are the latest results with Stiker9 lite?

    • admin says:

      I decided to stop running the day-to-day review as I knew I was going to be busy over the next 2 weeks in the morning which would prohibit me from trading the Light version. I’m thinking of moving on to review the Pro version once my schedule eases a bit. I’ll update the site to let everyone know.

  11. George says:

    Would it be feasible to use a Hedging strategy with Striker 9 ? However , using a 5 min. Lock Out

    just might be a tight fit to accomadate both a Call and a Put ; and you might have to go back

    to a 15 min L.O. !

    • admin says:

      It’s definitely possible but would require you to place trades earlier in the expiration cycle to give yourself a chance to hedge.

  12. Joe Z says:

    I’ve been trying to order the Striker9 system, but in all of the web sites for Striker, I’ve found not order form… Do you know what is happening? Have they discontinued Striker?
    Appreciate your posting the review..
    What do you classify as the first 90 minutes of the trading day?
    Trading starts at 3:00 a.m. EDST…
    Do I have to get up that early?


    • admin says:

      I just did a quick check and I was still able to access the order form for Striker9, must be an error on your side. The 1st 90 mins refer to 9:30am-11:00am EDT.

  13. Joe Z says:

    Good morning…

    I posted earlier about having difficulty attempting to order
    Striker9.. I’ve done everything on this end to get the download
    screen with no success…

    Yesterday, I found a short bio for Chris Kunnundro, along with a phone number.. This morning I called the number
    (646)-285-2720. The recorded Verizon Wireless operator told me that the number was not available. Please check the number and try again…. I wonder if anybody else is having this same experience…

  14. Joe Z says:

    It turned out my CA Security Fire Wall was blocking the download screen…. Problem solved…

  15. C Peter says:

    I purchased the Striker9 Lite system and have succeeded in only about 55% of the trades which results in a net loss. No refunds are granted by the company (Chris Kunnundro). Also my emails have never been answered except by sending more ‘sales’ emails promoting their other systems including forex. The Striker9Lite version only works once per day at 11:00am. A lot of the times, no trade is possible. Many trades fail. I would not recommend it.

  16. George says:

    What stock chart service did you use to test Striker 9 ?? I have never traded stocks before .

    • admin says:

      I used FreeStockCharts during most of the Striker9 review…I have since moved on to MarketClub (link under the Links tab in the right column). If you just need basic charting FreeStockCharts is solid. For more advanced charting, scanning, and signaling MarketClub would be a good choice.

  17. Joe Z says:

    I purchased the Striker9-Light a week ago.. Have been studying the videos… YUK… Between the OK’s and what I consider sloppy chart drawing explanations it’s a disappointment. It would be nice if Chris Kununndro, would do a review of his presentation and dress it up… He could be a lot crisper on his charting. As to using the system. I’ve been applying what I’ve gleaned from the two videos about the system and the entry’s and have not had an entry in 3 days…
    You claim to have managed a 70% success with it.. Will see..
    I’ll at least watch it…
    As a retiree, I’ve no place to go and all day to get there…

    • admin says:

      I hear you, the presentation left a lot to be desired. But if you look past the delivery I found the material to be solid and definitely worth the investment for a beginner level ‘day-trader’.

      It does get frustrating when you can’t place a trade, I mention this throughout my review. I switched over to OptionBit to gain an extra 10 minutes of trading time which helped me get off a few more trades than I normally would have using EZTrader…just a thought in case you are using a platform with a greater than 5 minute lock-out period.

  18. Joe Z says:

    Hello Admin,
    When I wrote my earlier post at 2:04 pm I was waiting for either one of the two candidates GOOG or AAPL to do their thing..
    It turned out that GOOG came through and made a profitable call trade… Using FreeStockCharts it showed the setup on the 10:00 bar. The entry occurred on the 10:40 bar. I didn’t put any money on it.. I’ll paper trade for awhile..
    AAPL was a no action…

    Disappointment over not having a trade every day? I’m more interested in consistency of performance than number of trades.
    I’ve been using OptionBit almost since July to trade the EUR/USD.. Having a moderate bit of success.. I’m ahead of my original investment. No massive sums. Searching to improve my performance.
    Our opinions differ when it comes to what a beginning trader could get from Kununndro’s presentation. He’d confuse the heck out of someone who hadn’t worked with Trend Lines. His wild swings without explanation in how he uses them is frustrating.. I know I’ve only been studying the material unit 3 & unit 5 for a few days, but I’m still trying to decipher his use of the bar before the 10:30 explanation… The material itself is not that difficult or complicated he just makes it so….
    Well at least it makes something to do during the first hour of the market…

  19. richie says:

    i also have been trading the lite version and it does work as stated–the problem seems to be is that a lot of people cant break the old habits of getting in too soon or so called “pushing the trade”–(i fall into that category!!lol)–i have been trading for about 20 years and old habits are hard to change!!–what i did not see or hear a lot of is the money management part of this course—the most important thing there is!!!!—to build up to 1or 2 trades a day–@1,000 each x 72%=1,440 per day–granted YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN EVERY TRADE,EVERY DAY!-
    only 3 wins a week would ==aprox 4 thousand a week–not hard to take–a bit over 200k a year—not bad for a few hours of “work” per week huh!–good luck to all and study this stuff till it is burned into your head!–(is what i am doing at this point,and trading it live also with great results!)–Richie

    • cubby says:

      Richie, a very good point… the first 4-5 wks I had good results with
      9 lite. Then I have put back most of my gains……….. Now that I look back in review I think I started pushing to early and many have turned on me the last couple of wks. Thanks for the good points. Been using ez trader and think I’ll switch to option bit for the shorter l.o window.

  20. Mahmoud says:

    Dear Admin,
    (1)Did you test striker9 pro. (full system), I interest on this
    system and I want to see if you test(tried)thsi system before
    or not.

    (2) I sent to striker9 many messages, but they did not reply. So
    I doubt about their service products.


    • admin says:

      Hello Mahmoud,

      I did not test the Striker9 Pro system, but along with some of the other commenters found good success with the Light version. If there is enough interest I would consider reviewing the Pro system at some point in the future but probably not this year.

      Poor customer service seems to be a common theme with the Striker9 guys but I can attest that the system is legit.

  21. richie says:

    i have e-mailed them –though they are slow as dam molasses they did answer me-

  22. Ben Coffman says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the informative blog post. I based my decision on purchasing the striker9 lite off of your opinions and comments so thankyou.

    I know this post has been closed for some time but wanted to ad insight from my experience.

    A week ago I couldn’t tell ya what a Binary Option was, my expertise is in Fitness but I wanted to try my hand at the stock market. Studied up on everything i could get my hands on and decided binary options was the way to go and it was really the only thing that made sense. Studied some systems, mind set, and money management from your site and others alike.

    As you can tell i am still a green horn in this but as of yesterday, i purchased the striker9 lite. I have to say from a beginners point of view it was very easy to understand and implement. I put it into practice this morning using free stock charts and optionbit. I watched 8 stocks and was able to use striker9 system on 4 of them. 3 were in the money and one was out of the money. Could be beginners luck but considering I didn’t know about anything in this niche last Friday I would say striker9 is excellent

    Now if the customer service was as good as the system.
    Hope this will give insight to anyone on edge about it.

    Thanks for the great blog.

  23. Silencz says:

    I purchased both the Binary Options-101 and the Striker9 Lite system yesterday evening and was able to go through every one of both of their videos. There should be additional hours of instruction. He goes through the actual system that he uses to predict for only a few minutes and doesn’t explain anything well, so you have to watch it over and over again unless you’re really comfortable with charting already. I’m still working on understanding everything…

    My question to anyone here who can answer is: Does Striker9 Lite or MarketClub predict price movement better for use with binary options? I read a review saying that MarketClub sometimes gives late signals, so that could be bad for this type of trading…

    Also, can the two systems work well in conjunction with each other, since I notice that Striker9 has many days of “no trade”. Would MarketClub be a reliable tool to “fill in the gaps” that Striker9 Lite has on its no trade days?

  24. richie says:

    i would love to keep this going or chat with other owners as i am one,i have been trading the lite for a while now and have been figuring out other times of day to trade and ya know what they say–two heads are better than 1–Richie

  25. mike says:

    I also have purchased the striker9 lite. I started out real good ,then had
    a slow period. Are holidays a rough time to be trading? Seems like I was
    doing ok until the holidays rolled around. All & all,right now I am at 65%
    winning. Still ahead of the game. I ventured off & did other stocks, but plan on doing just Apple because that is where I had my lucky streak going.
    Good luck

  26. Simon says:

    Hey all,

    I purchased the Light version a couple of months ago and had some reasonable success in the first couple of weeks (approx 70%). But due to personal reasons had to stop trading for while (running my own business and being in Australia makes trading times harder!) I have started paper trading again but don’t seem to be having the same success. My paper trades on AAPL and GOOG from 5/12 to 17/12 show 5 No Trades, 2 Losses, 0 Wins, and 3 No Trades, 3 Losses, 1 Win respectively. Anyone else finding the same?

    I do concur with the “ordinary” presentation of the vids and although I had one quick response initially from support email, have had no response to my last 5 emails!!!

    Happy to chat to anyone offline about the system: srvbinaryoptionsatgmaildotcom

  27. Chris says:

    would like to hear from anyone who has used the Banker11 lite system which uses the S&P500 index only.

  28. Damon says:

    I started using the Light system a couple of months ago and had some success, but overall the results were not good. I am just glad that I did not make the mistake of buying the Pro version. Maybe the Pro version works better, but from my experience with the Light version, it just seems to be hit or miss. There is no way to know that by the time the stock makes the move to let you know when to enter that it will not reverse just as quickly. I found myself having to hedge most of my trades to make up for reversals that the Striker system could not predict. I find it odd that the examples he used in the vids were from a time when the market was steadily trending upwards and there was not an updated history for later in the year.

    My advice would be to stick with regular trading rules and use the binary options sites to trade the end of day options. There is just too much volitility to be able to “predict” an hourly stock movement. Think of it this way, if everyone could just spend $200 to make up to $4000 a month, there would be a lot more people doing it.

  29. Matthew Sandvik says:

    Hey guys perfect blog I have purchased a total of 3 systems. OMNI 11, Striker 9 lite, and Dominator silver for apple and google. All I have to say is only buy OMNI 11 if you are ready for that kind of dedication it can be a very bumpy learning curve..

    • Helio Oliveira says:

      Dear Matthew,

      Sorry to bother you with a request, but as you understand is almost impossible to access independent reviews on the binary system available and as you have three of the system I am interested I would like to know if you could inform about your real trading experience with Omni 11 and Dominator Silver.

      Thank you very much for all your attention and assistance,

      All the best,

      Helio Oliveira

  30. steven thomas says:

    I purchased Striker9Pro and am not happy with the results. Especially when the stock trades in a range the system gives off lots of wrong signals. It is hard to get answers when you ask for help. I am now having great difficulty believing their advertised track record.

    • Matthew Sandvik says:

      I definitly hear you there I would love to see Chris put his money where his mouth is and make some videos of live trades with the pro systems…. To many shady blackholes that remain unanswered and it is bull****…

    • Matthew Sandvik says:

      Steve if you could please contact me at I believe we could help eathother…. You are going to want to hear this one !

    • Ron Jenkins says:

      Does anyone else have a review of Striker9 Pro, or the Omni11 system?

      I have traded forex for years, so I am familiar with many methods of trading.
      Since there is so little information provided by the makers of these systems, I am in fear of buying them. I fear purchasing these systems, and then discovering that there is not much new to them.

      If you have the Omni11 or the Striker Pro system, could I speak with your through email?

      Please write to me at my email address below.

      Ron –

  31. Paul Lambert says:

    Hi Admin,

    What’s the most I can trade with per trade? $50,000? At an average of 70% returns per trade I could make $35k per day with $50k right (assuming I actually have more than $50k in my account to start with?


    • admin says:

      Hello Paul,

      Max trade amount varies by platform, check the FAQ page on each broker’s website, the info is usually included there. Off the top of my head I think you’ll be looking at around a $2,000 max per trade. But remember you can always make several trades per day if you like.

  32. victor says:

    did you purchase striker 9 pro and have reviewed it?

  33. John says:

    How is Striker9 working for you. I just found these systems online and curious as to how they are continuing to work for you. any updates you can provide is greatly appreciated.


    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      I continue to incorporate some of the techniques from Striker9 into my trading but haven’t been disciplined in using it 100% to give a fair/representative updated review. The review here was when I used Striker9 exclusively and didn’t allow any of my own trading tendencies to creep into my trading. Maybe it’s time to do another real-time review…

  34. Schenkonpf says:

    I bought Chris Kunnundro’s Binary Options 101 Mastery course. While trying to maintain interest in his blowsy, faintly hung over narrative style, I repeatedly went back to the site to continue listening to his course. Until a week after I bought the course, the site had moved. With no warning. I’m still paying for the course.

  35. Jim Butler says:

    Hey Joe Z
    I agree. Chris K may be a genius with a heart of gold, but he sounds like a surfer from Malibu in the 70s who has not slept in 72 hours. I’m a total newbie so when I got to the place where he started drawing charts, I could not follow it at all. What I need is some intermediate lessons. I bought and went through the 101 course, but it did not even begin to prepare me for the candlesticks and lines and pivot points and breakthrough whatever and ’twas brillig and the slithy tows did gire and gimble in the mire’. LOL!! It was like….ftufjfhCjdjfujdkfjrirjfdkdjfidkdk. to my ears an eyes. Help! There is so much info out there. Where can I go to get just the teaching that I need to understand what the heck he was talking about. I wrote them saying as much and it seems as if they can’t understand why I don’t get it and they don’t care.

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