Weekly Options: The Benefits & Advantages of Trading Weekly Options

With Weekly Options popularity seemingly growing at the speed of light over the past few months we’ve decided to begin covering this exciting asset class in addition to our reporting on developments within the Binary Options space. There are many advantages to trading weekly options vs. standard options that have maturities of a month or more and we intend to share our thoughts over the coming months, but before we proceed we want to alert you to a Free Weekly Options Trading Course that discusses the asset class in great detail. To obtain your Free copy of this Weekly Options Trading Course simply click on the link below:

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The short-term nature of weekly options allows trader to take advantage of the inherent leverage of equity options and zero in on potential market moving events without paying the extra time value premium associated with standard options. Other clear benefits of weekly options include:

High Theta: Time decay (theta) in standard, vanilla options increases exponentially in the last few days of expiration as option values trend towards zero or parity. With weekly options traders are constantly posed with rapid time decay in out of the money options, which presents nice opportunities for option sellers to profit.

High Gamma: Potential returns are magnified in weekly options as small moves in the underlying can produce extreme options gains.  It is not uncommon to see 400-500% type returns, though losses can occur just as easily so risk management is of the utmost importance.

Additional Hedging Opportunities: Weekly options present another alternative to consider when hedging longer-term positions. Say you are long GOOG stock but are worried about earnings. You can purchase weekly put options in GOOG to protect you against potential losses due to a bad earnings report.

Additional benefits, risks, and potential strategies are covered in more detail in the Free Weekly Options Trading Course so click on the link below to secure your copy!

FREE Weekly Options Trading Course


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