Extreme Options Review: Trading Weekly Options For Weekly Profits

Just signed up for BigTrends’ Extreme Options service which is designed to scan the universe of weekly options, providing traders with clear entry and exit points for positions within a 2-3 day time frame on average, but could have holding periods as low as a few hours depending on price action.. There are several alternatives to receive Extreme Options trade instruction: 1) via email, 2) via instant messenger, or 3) you can automate your trades through several selected brokers.

We will be conducting the Extreme Options Review over the next several weeks and will relay our weekly thoughts to subscribers of the list. For those interested in learning more about Extreme Options or just weekly options in general pick up a copy of this Free Weekly Options Trading Course by clicking on the link below:

FREE Weekly Options Trading Course


After a week of no trade alerts, I finally received my first signal from Extreme Options. I really wasn’t paying too much attention to my email as I was busy trading binary options, so I ended up getting the trading signal 12 minutes after it was set. I was able to purchase a call on a integrated oil company a few cents higher than the signal called for. I believe the Extreme Options System has an instant messenger option, I need to check it out so I’m able to get a more exact fill next time.

Received a signal to take profits on half of my position….done…nice 55% profit on trade number 1, always nice to start off with a win. Still have half my position out there and will be watching it closely. I’m liking these weekly options.

Extreme Options Trade #2

From integrated oil to the Internet, purchased calls in a popular internet name. Caught the Extreme Options signal 5 minutes after it was sent, an improvement over 12 minutes, and got a decent fill. I really need to look into the IM thing. I’m quickly realizing there may not be much to this review as I’m pretty much just placing a trade when given the signal. I’m used to actually reading charts and trading so this is a definite change. The ease and simplicity allows me to concentrate on my other binary options trading so I can’t really complain…as long as the results are good.

Another winner from Extreme Options. Took half my position off in my internet call option to lock in some profits, hoping that that stock price would continue higher. But with shares pulling back I got the signal to close out. I was really anxious to close out the position and almost pulled the trigger before I got the signal, but I’m trying to stay as true to the system as I can to give an honest review of the service. So the Extreme Options Weekly Options System has thus far yielded me returns of 55% and 41% on my first 2 trades.

Extreme Options Trade #3

The winning streak stops at 2 as the latest suggested trade turned against us overnight resulting in a 25% loss. That hurts a little but given I’ve profited on my 1st 2 trades I guess I can’t complain. I am following the signal alerts to a T, but I find myself wanting to close out of positions before the close to avoid overnight volatility. I guess that’s what makes a disciplined system DISCIPLINED. I’ll continue to roll with Extreme Options and avoid, as much as possible, the whole emotional side of trading which I know is detrimental.

FREE Weekly Options Trading Course

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