The Best of Binary Options 2010 Awards

Best of Binary Options 2010

With 2010 quickly nearing an end, we decided to take time out to reflect on the year and compose our “Best of Binary Options” awards for 2010. Feel free to leave your thoughts and commentary in the comment section below. So with out further adieu here are your winners:

Best Binary Options Platform – OptionBit

OptionBit takes the crown for the year narrowly edging out Anyoption. As the year progressed and the various binary options systems launched it became apparent that the best binary options platform would be the one that worked best with the different systems. Maintaining industry low 5-minute lock-out periods, both OptionBit and Anyoption qualified as solid options (no pun intended) to use in conjunction with the binary options systems. However, the slight edge goes to OptionBit on the strength of customer service and higher deposit bonuses.

Best Binary Options Trading System – Striker9

No surprise here, the Striker9 binary options system takes first place. It’s rare that you see a trading system garner significant praise from the trading community. I had my doubts when I first started the Striker9 Review but I was determined to give it a fair shake. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to stray from the system several times during the review and trade based on my knowledge and experience but I resisted the temptation and stuck with it to the end. Three major complaints have surfaced from reading all the comments below the Striker9 Review, the lackluster customer service, the subpar video presentation, and the number of No Trade days the Light version recommends. However, the successes most binary traders are seeing by using the system clearly outweigh these minor inconveniences. So with that being said the Striker9 binary options trading system finishes 2010 in first place. Runner-up goes to the Forex Kraken system which has seen significant momentum since its launch a couple months ago.

Best Binary Options Innovation – Anyoption’s OPTION+

Throughout the year we’ve seen several new innovations coming out of the binary options industry including weekend trading and barrier options; but the innovation that seems to have generated the greatest interest is Anyoption’s OPTION+ functionality which allows traders to sell out of their position prior to expiry. This innovation has changed the game literally as most literature and trading guides on the market don’t take into consideration the ability to sell out of your position.

Best Binary Options Charting Software –

While there are several subscription based charting software providers out there that provide greater functionality and additional resources (i.e.MarketClub and eSignal), gives binary options traders just enough to get the job done and its FREE.

Best Binary Options Bonus Promotion – StartOptions

StartOptions has been consistent in offering readers of The Binary Options Weekly, 40% bonuses on deposits of $500. However there were a few times throughout the year when StartOptions offered current registrants 100% bonuses on new deposits. These don’t happen often but when they do it’s probably a good idea to take advantage of them. To qualify and receive the ongoing offers simply complete a free registration form with StartOptions.

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