Banc De Binary Review: The Future Of Binary Options Platforms Is Here!

Banc de Binary Review

Things are changing quickly within the binary options marketplace. Since late 2008 the growth of online binary options platforms has been staggering, with platforms seemingly popping up overnight to ride the growing interest in these simple fixed rate return options. Unfortunately many of the brokers structured their platforms in such a way that some regulators see them more as gambling platforms. This is bad news considering the recent shutdown of online Poker sites within the U.S.

I’ve had several conversations with management of multiple binary options platforms and I’ve been hearing 2 common themes: 1) Platforms are going to have to make a clear distinction very soon, either they are pure trading sites or simple gaming sites, and 2) consolidation of platforms is bound to increase. So as a true binary options TRADER where do you turn? Banc De Binary is doing things the right way and we explain here in our comprehensive “Banc de Binary Review”:

Banc De Binary – 25% Special Deposit Bonus

Banc de Binary Review – Profit Motive: First and foremost Banc De Binary is an exchange, a true trading platform that does not make money off of your losses. Banc De Binary trades your positions with other institutional desks and gets paid solely on increasing trading activity. This has been an issue with other platforms who have been known to limit trading or increase spreads on the most successful binary options traders, which naturally leads to…

Banc de Binary Review – No Spreads: Whether you realize it or not most of the binary platforms maintain a spread on each asset. Simply toggle between the put and call buttons to see just how wide or narrow the spread is for each asset you want to trade. By constantly altering the spread most platforms are able to protect themselves from consistently successful traders. No need to worry about this with Banc De Binary, using BDB’s trading platform you are offered one price for both put and call purchases.

Banc de Binary Review – Real-Time Price Quotes: One common complaint I hear from binary options traders revolves around pricing, especially settlement pricing. While the old school platforms do describe how they calculate their prices in the fine print, it can be frustrating when the prices do not match up with what your charts are saying. This is not a concern with Banc De Binary as it is one of the few platforms to use direct, real-time, pricing feeds from Thomson Reuters. Your prices = Chart prices, which is how it should be!

Banc de Binary Review – Management Access: Banc De Binary has nothing to hide. The firm’s CEO, Oren, is available and is regularly on the chat box interacting with traders. He’s a very forthright and blunt leader, so feel free to share questions and concerns with him and he’ll be sure to get back to you. He knows some of you have had bad experiences with other platforms so he is trying to make Banc De Binary as transparent as possible to gain your trust in the company and in the industry in general.

I can go on and on talking about the other benefits of the Banc De Binary platform (i.e. 5-minute lockout period, instant deposit/instant withdrawals, live trading coaches, generous deposit bonuses, option builder, etc…), but I recommend you check them out yourself by clicking on the link below and opening a practice account, takes 2 minutes, believe me you won’t be disappointed.

New depositing customers of Banc de Binary can receive a free copy of the Binary Options Blueprint, a free version of The Lazy Day Trader’s Binary Options Trading System along with over $1,000 worth of trading courses and systems highlighted in the Bonus of the Day box in the right hand column of the site. Simply click on any of the links in this Banc de Binary Review, sign-up for the platform, deposit the minimum amount, and forward your confirmation to the email address on our Contact Page at the top of the screen. Your binary options bonus package will be emailed to you upon receipt.

Banc De Binary Review – Free $50,000 Demo Practice Account

Banc de Binary Review


2 Responses to Banc De Binary Review: The Future Of Binary Options Platforms Is Here!

  1. n_zulfi says:

    Binary Trading is the new phenomena for people like me…but this article has taught me a lot and encourage me put my step into this, now a days i am visiting the Banc De Binary site and learning a lot…wish me good luck for the success in Binary Option Trading and earn a lot of money 😉

  2. bob says:

    banc de binary ripped me off one of the brokers sent me an email guaranteed a trade with eur/usd said it was 100% win and I couldnt lose and told me to put everything I had into it so I did and lost,he said there was no way the the price was going to stay where it was and told me to have a put on it ,I lost everything and now they wont refund my money ,the broker lied to me ,now I am going to sue them

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