TradeRush Review: A Comprehensive Review of The New 60-Second Binary Options Trading Platform

TradeRush Review: As you well know there are many binary options trading platforms on the market, all offering pretty much the same basic functionality with little tweaks to differentiate from the pack. However, we’ve come upon a new binary trading platform that is making a huge leap in terms of binary options trading functionality…TradeRush has arrived!

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What Makes The TradeRush Platform Different From The Rest?

Instead of boring you with a detailed list of how “TradeRush Review” compares to the competition on deposits, number of assets, charting etc… I feel it is important to highlight a few areas that should excite you as a binary options trader:

TradeRush Review – 60-Second Binary Options

This exclusive functionality is sure to revolutionize the binary options trading marketplace. Yes it is possible to profit every 60 seconds on the TradeRush platform. Think of the possibilities…Profit 81% from breaking news movement (i.e. earnings, M&A, downgrades, the Fed, etc…) the sky’s the limit. This is the true definition of event trading. Regardless of what other binary platform you may trade on, I would sign up with TradeRush for this functionality alone. Check out the demo of the TradeRush 60-Second Trading Platform below:

TradeRush 60-Second Trading Platform Demo Video

TradeRush Review
TradeRush Review – Lowest Lock-Out Period

The Lock-Out period is so critical in binary options trading, the more control you have over your positions the better. The industry standard across most binary options trading platforms has been a lock-out period of 5-10 minutes. TradeRush  obliterates the competition by offering an industry low 2-minute lock-out period on select assets… Definitely a win for the binary options trader!

TradeRush Review – Weekend Trading

The TradeRush platform offers One Touch Weekly Options trading. We discuss in detail the many benefits of One Touch Weekend trading and how to profitably trade these high return (up to 700%) options in our Binary Options Cheat Sheets. Not many platforms offer this functionality so its good to see this offered on the TradeRush platform.

TradeRush Review – 50% Instant Bonus

Visitors of this Binary Options Weekly website will receive an instant 50% bonus for new deposits to the TradeRush platform. Collect your bonus by signing up through the TradeRush links in this TradeRush Review or elsewhere on this site.

TradeRush Review – US Traders Welcomed!

With over 60 assets to choose from, including the largest selection of commodities available on binary options trading platforms, TradeRush offers a little something for everyone. The 60-second functionality is worth signing up alone. The low $100 minimum investment, 2-minute lock-out period, and 50% deposit bonus is the icing on the cake. So don’t miss another opportunity to profitably trade breaking news, check out TradeRush today by clicking on the link below.

In addition to the 100% Instant Deposit Bonus, new depositing customers of TradeRush can receive a free copy of the Binary Options Blueprint, a free version of The Lazy Day Trader’s Binary Options Trading System along with over $1,000 worth of trading courses and systems highlighted in the Bonus of the Day box in the right hand column of the site. Simply click on any of the TradeRush links in this review, sign-up for the platform, deposit the minimum amount, and forward your confirmation to the email address on our Contact Page at the top of the screen. Your binary options bonus package will be emailed to you upon receipt.

The TradeRush Review Binary Trading Platform

TradeRush Review


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