EZTrader Review: Updated Review of the New EZTrader Binary Options Trading Platform

EZTrader Review: With all of the new changes over at EZTrader I felt it was only right to take a fresh look at the EZTrader binary options trading platform. EZTrader was one of, if not the, first binary options trading platforms to hit the market back in 2008 and pretty much stayed the course until earlier this year when it was acquired by Win Global Markets. New leadership has infused new life into the EZTrader platform, making it a lot more competitive with the newer more technologically advanced platforms that have launched since its inception. Instead of rehashing what has already been said about the original EZTrader platform, let me highlight the significant changes made to the platform of late in our exclusive “EZTrader Review”:

eztrader review

EZTrader Review – Lock-Out Period Reduced:

The most common complaint of the original EZTrader platform was its industry high 15-minute lock-out period. Traders spoke, new management listened, and now EZTrader maintains a 5-minute lock-out period for all assets, placing them in line with other leading binary options trading platforms.

EZTrader Review – No Spreads:

Another newer enhancement on the EZTrader platform is the elimination (mostly) of spreads. During normal trading hours, traders can now execute a put or call purchase at the same price, a definite win for the trading community.

EZTrader Review – Sell Option:

The Sell Option feature allows traders to close out of their winning trades prior to expiration and essentially lock in your profits before seeing them wiped away by ugly reversals.

EZTrader Review – Higher Bonuses:

EZTrader seems to change their bonus offers on a daily basis. In the past the most you’d ever see highlighted on the site was 45%. Nowadays EZTrader is offering bonuses as high as 65% during special promotions, a nice advantage for binary traders

EZTrader Review – Withdrawal Time:

At the inception of the binary options industry it was normal for withdrawals to take anywhere between 10-14 business days. Over time that number has come down and now I’d say the industry average is somewhere between 3 and 5 business days. EZTrader comes in at the low end of that range, promising traders a 3-business day withdrawal period.

With the new features highlighted above and the largest selection of assets to trade in the binary options marketplace, it may be time to reconsider EZTrader for your binary options trading activities. Check out the brand new EZTrader experience by clicking on the link below.

New depositing customers of EZTrader can receive a free copy of the Binary Options Blueprint, a free version of The Lazy Day Trader’s Binary Options Trading System along with over $1,000 worth of trading courses and systems highlighted in the Bonus of the Day box in the right hand column of the site. Simply click on any of the EZTrader links in this EZTrader review, sign-up for the platform, deposit the minimum amount, and forward your confirmation to the email address on our Contact Page at the top of the screen. Your binary options bonus package will be emailed to you upon receipt.

The New EZTrader Review Trading Platform+ Bonus

EZTrader Review

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