TraderXP Review: A Skeptical Review Of The TraderXP Platform

TraderXP Review: While I try to maintain objectivity when reviewing binary options trading platforms sometimes it is hard to ignore the masses. The TraderXP binary options trading platform has a lot going for it. From a usability standpoint and general appearance it is one of the best looking platforms around. And with over 80 assets to choose from and Option Builder functionality that allows traders to specify expiry and risk/return characteristics, TraderXP sure looks like a winning platform for your binary options trading activities…

traderXP review

However, I’ve had more traders complain to me about TraderXP than all other platforms combined. A quick web search yielded a variety of TraderXP complaints, everything from extremely poor customer service to lack of withdrawals. Here’s a sampling from a “TraderXP Review” Site I recently frequented (

TraderXP Review

TraderXP Review

So I can’t really give a recommendation for TraderXP in the face of these complaints. In interest of fairness I do invite any representative from TraderXP to respond to these complaints and I will post your rebuttal right here for all to see. In the mean time check out some of our other binary options reviews in the menu bar above.

TraderXP Review

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