NetPicks Review: Live Signal Service [Video]

NetPicks Review Live Signal Service

As one of the longest tenured online trading companies in the business (over 15 years!) Netpicks has consistently delivered a number of quality products for traders. One of the absolute best products Netpicks has and can be used very effectively in binary options trading is the company’s Live Signal Service. So we decided to put together a quick overview of Netpicks Live Signal Service in this detailed “Netpicks Review”. Here’s a quick video overview of the NetPicks Live Signal service for your viewing pleasure:

NetPicks Review

NetPicks Review

NetPicks Live Signal Service Overview

The NetPicks Review Live Signal Service allows traders to experience the effectiveness of the company’s other major trading systems (Keltner Bells, Seven Summits Trader, Ultimate Swing Trader, One Day Swing Trades) without actually purchasing the products. As a subscriber of the Live Signal service, traders enter into a chat room every morning beginning at 8:30 EST where the NetPicks head traders run their trading systems to identify at least 4 actionable trading signals for everyone to trade on in real time.

The chat room aspect allows for the highest level of interaction and transparency in the formulation and communication of the live signal. Also receiving the live signal directly from NetPicks head traders frees you from learning and implementing System rules that seem to prevent many traders from using trading systems to their fullest potential.

Unlike other live signal services where the provider sends you signals with no rhyme or reason, the Netpicks Live Signal Service provides a community of traders at all levels, interacting and learning together with a simple goal of becoming more effective and profitable traders. Subscribers of the live signal service rave about the teaching that takes place within the service. NetPicks goes the extra mile on every trade, broadcasting charts for you to see on your own computer, in real time, with clear and concise trade setups.  Best of all, they talk you through the steps of each trade that’s in play. This alone is worth the cost of admission; and since the cost of admission to trial the service is $0.00 you really have no reason to not check it out:

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NetPicks Review Live Signal Service Schedule

While the schedule is subject to change from time to time depending on market conditions, a typical day with the Live Signal Service is as follows:

8:30 EST – Trading of the EURUSD and EURJPY commences

8:50 EST – Trading of Crude Oil Futures commences

9:30 EST – Trading of Russell eMinis begins

In addition to these 4 core / diversified assets, the NetPicks team opportunistically identifies potential trades in stocks, options, and commodities as well. The wide range of live signal provided by NetPicks fits well within a binary options trading plan. The Netpicks live signal service seems to work the best on binary options platforms that carry end of the day expiries such as TradeRush and 24Option. The 24Option route is even more intriguing due to the platform’s High Yield Touch Options, which pay 200-350% on certain assets in hourly timeframes. These High Yield Touch Options can be utilized to great effect over strong trending trades, which the NetPicks Live Signal service seems to be good at identifying.

According to the NetPicks Review Team, “With the NetPicks LIVE Signal Service, you’ll join individuals just like yourself, many of whom are very successful traders in their own right, literally from around the world, each and every morning, online, from the comfort of your own home or office. In this interactive environment, you’ll watch and listen as we break down the opportunities and call the trades for you, LIVE, everyday.  There’s no guesswork involved – this is all about having an exact plan on every trade and then executing the plan.  It’s what we do.  It’s what we have been doing for years.”

You can access your free 2-week trial to the NetPicks Review Live Signal Service by simply clicking on the link below:

>>> Live Signal Service – Free 2 Week Trial <<<


NetPicks Review

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