Trade Facebook Binary Options Today?

Our good friends over at Anyoption have done the unthinkable. They are making markets on Facebook binary options before the company goes public, and you can trade on these levels today!

Most of you know that Facebook’s IPO is on the near term horizon, currently expected in the next couple of weeks. Instead of waiting around for the IPO, why not implement your view on the social media behemoth today.  If you go to the Anyoption website you will see constantly updated binary touch options focusing on the total market value of Facebook shares at the close of its first day of trading. Returns for these binary options range anywhere from 70% all the way up to 300%. Check out the chart below for a sampling of prices as of February 9, 2012.

Facebook Binary Options Facebook Binary Options

To start trading Facebook IPO binary options today simply click on the link below:

>>> Facebook IPO Binary Options – Trade Here <<<

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