More Reasons To Choose TradeRush…

TradeRush continues to deliver the goods when it comes to binary options trading. There are many platforms on the market but few offer the breadth of features TradeRush offers to all of its valued customers. Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons you should consider TradeRush for all of your binary options trading activities:


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1. Now Offering Stock Pairs

TradeRush is proud to announce pairs trading on its binary options platform (see HERE). Now you can trade Microsoft vs. Apple or Apple vs. the Nasdaq and many more stock pairs to go along with your traditional binary options trading. No other binary platform offers this functionality!

2. Customizable High Yield Assets Now Available

You can now turn any binary options trade into a high yield trade through the Option Builder functionality. Don’t settle for 80% returns turn your trades, boost your returns above 100% using Option Builder and 60 Seconds Options.

3. Facebook Options Now Available.

4. User-Friendliness

The TradeRush platform is, in our opinion, the best looking, sleekest binary platform on the market. Now granted looks are more a matter of personal preference, but one can’t argue the ease and speed at which trades can be entered or exited on the platform.

5. 60-Second Options

The platform that originated the 60-second options trading craze, TradeRush does a fine job with its 60-second trading making sure trades can be entered with as little slippage as possible.

6. Weekly Options

The highest payouts around! TradeRush offers returns up to 700% every weekend on its one touch weekly binary options trading platform. No other platform beats TradeRush in this area. If you like weekly options, you need to trade with TradeRush.

7. Enhanced Charting & In-Trade Functionality

New closable options function has been added to the OptionPro trading charts! Traders now have 3 in-trade features which include rollover, double up and now Early Close which can be used with take profit or stop loss strategies.

8. Longer term Options

You can now trade binary options with  expiration dates up to 6 months.

9. Maximum Trade Flexibility

Traders can wager up to $500 on 60-seconds trades. If the short term options are your forte then TradeRush is definitely for you.

10. Low Trade Minimums & Superior Bonuses:

Trade with as little as $10 per trade. TradeRush runs a variety of bonuses for customers including percentage bonuses, risk-free trades, and trading reports. In addition if you sign up and deposit through the link below you can gain instant access to the 10-module Binary Options Domination Video Course for free. Check out the TradeRush Platform and Free Bonuses by clicking on the link below:

>>> TradeRush Platform & Free Bonuses <<<

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