An Insider’s Guide To The Binary Options Magnet Trading Bot

Binary Options Magnet

The latest entry into the binary options trading space is also a ”FIRST” for the relatively young binary options industry, the Binary Options Magnet has arrived and here’s our official Binary Options Magnet Review.

binary options magnetWe specifically like the Binary Options Magnet as it is the first bot system dedicated the binary options space. Common within the forex trading system landscape, bots enable traders to trade their favorite trading programs pretty much hands-free. The Binary Options Magnet was created by long time Forex trader Thomas Hunt who grew tired of trading strict forex markets and decided to figure out if he could use similar trading strategies in the binary options space with as much success. Much to his surprise things worked out even better using what he now calls the “Binary Options Magnet” system…

Binary Options Magnet

In his first 10 trades he registered 9 winners for a total profit of nearly $600 and the following week he won 7 out of 8 trades yielding $358. Now we’ve tested many binary options trading systems, actually all of the leading binary options trading systems and signals providers on the market and while many boast high winning percentages I’ve yet to find one that matched the high winning percentage claims promoted in each system’s sales promotion…However I would note while I never expect to win 90% of my trades using any system I think a winning percentage above 60% is solid, 70% is phenomenal! We are currently testing the Binary Options Magnet system to determine what the true percentage traders can expect trading the system on a consistent basis. You can test out the system as well risk-free by clicking on the link below:

>>> Binary Options Magnet – Risk-Free Trial <<<

The one thing I particularly like about the Binary Options Magnet system is the automated nature of the system, this is a huge plus for new traders, actually for all traders, now you can trade binary options with:

No Analysis
No Staring Aimlessly At Trading charts
No Fear of Missing Critical Entry Points
No More Excessive Hours Sitting In Front of the Computer

Simply follow the software and watch the profits roll in. Take a look and see for yourself. Test out the Binary Options Magnet system by clicking on the link below:

>>> Binary Options Magnet – Exclusive Trial <<<



Binary Options Magnet

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