3 Major Binary Options Signals To Trade Now

Identifying An Attractive SPX Binary Put Option Entry Point

In the video below we highlight an early morning trade from yesterday where we were able to spot a very attractive entry point to purchase SPX binary put options. Follow along closely as we walk you through the entire process of setting up the trade and how to manage the position if needed. This specific binary options strategy would be most effective on expirations of an hour or less. You can test this type of binary options strategy using a free binary options trading demo account.

S&P500 Binary Options

Why We Are Targeting Gold Binary Options This Week

Trading in gold binary options crossed our screens this week as our trusty signals system flashed strong positive over the last day or so. Traders will likely look for Gold to retest Friday’s high early in the week and if gold can close above resistance; it will likely first target $1775 fairly quickly. Not only is this price $35 above today’s price, it is also in line with a few chart highs from late last year. Ultimately, Gold Bulls expect that after this period of consolidation is over the $1800 level will be challenged in short order.

Apple Binary Put Options Could Be in Effect Mode

Seeing a ton of analysis on Apple with many wondering if we’ve run too far too fast. As highlighted in the chart below Apple appears overbought at the 50% Fibonacci level resistance and major indices facing significant resistance. One more push up to the red resistance line would signal an attractive binary put option entry point on Apple.

Apple Binary Options

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