Marketfy Review: 3 HUGE Reasons Traders Are Migrating To The Marketfy Trading System Platform

For those that haven’t heard, Marketfy is fairly new trading system platform designed to give traders the ultimate edge in their trading activities. However Marketfy  is not your typical trading system provider. Marketfy was developed by the Benzinga Team to bring some order back into the Trading System Marketplace that has gotten out of control with launch after launch of sub-standard, fly by night systems. Before you invest in another shiny trading system I highly recommend you check out Marketfy.

Marketfy Advantage #1 — Transparency!!!

MarketfyThe main issue that continues to plague the trading community when it comes to systems is the lack of transparency. So trading system XYZ predicts winners 80% of the time with an average return of 12% per trade, cool, sign me up! Unfortunately these returns are often exaggerated and rarely are returns generated using REAL MONEY. And everyone knows there is a HUGE difference between returns generated in a demo account vs. a real money account.

With Marketfy, transparency is no longer an issue. Marketfy trading systems are designed to give you access to the System creator/trader on a real-time basis. All trades are documented and updated on the site on a real-time basis. You can judge for yourself whether the performance the trading system is producing is worth investing in, no hype, no manipulation…the choice is yours!

Marketfy Advantage #2 – Product Breadth

The Marketfy Platform has a wide range of trading products covering all the major asset categories. Whether you trade stocks, options, forex or even binary options, Marketfy either has a product specifically designed for you or something in the works.

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Marketfy has worked with Trading experts to also provide varying styles of trading (day trading, swing trading, long-term plays and short-term plays) for their growing trading community, and speaking of community…

Marketfy Advantage #3 – Community

The majority of the trading signals and recommendations are relayed real-time in chat rooms where the head trader communicates with traders who have signed up for the service. This allows there to be no confusion in the recommendation process and also gives traders an opportunity to pick the brain of the trading system creator as well as others following the system every day.



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