A Comprehensive Binary Options Brokers Guide

[popup_message redirecturl=”http://www.optionsblock.com” message=” You sure you want to exit?”] With so many binary options brokers to choose from and even more likely on the way we decided to put together this “Binary Options Brokers” guide to help you decide exactly what you should be looking for and things to avoid when choosing binary options brokers.

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Binary Options Brokers – Initial Deposit & Trade Amounts

Cost is usually the number one driver when people are considering purchasing any product or service. In binary options trading cost is less of a factor in terms of fees/commissions as none of the leading binary options brokers charge to trade on their platforms. However each broker does maintain minimum initial deposit amount and trade amount requirements. The industry standard minimum initial deposit amount is $100 and minimum trade amount is typically $20-$25. Some platforms charge more, some less. If the trading amount requirement is a make or break point of contention with you, we suggest checking out OptionBit as they are the lowest cost platform around: Click Here To View The OptionBit Platform

Binary Options Brokers – Types of Trading

Each binary options trader has his/her own style and preference when it comes to trading. However these preferences change from time to time so it is important to trade on a platform that offers a range of trading modalities for your trading pleasure. All binary options brokers offer the standard high/low (or up/down) binary options, but that is where the similarities end. Nowadays binary traders are experimenting more with touch options, range options, boundary options, 60-second options and the like, so it just makes sense to choose a platform that includes the wide variety of these trading vehicles. With that being said we recommend either Banc de Binary or TradesRush if trading variety is of the utmost importance to you: Click Here To View The TradesRush Platform

Binary Options Brokers – Lockout Periods

A couple years ago, the lockout period used to be a big consideration when evaluating binary options brokers, but nowadays most binary options brokers have lowered their respective lockout periods to 5 minutes. 5 minutes is the new standard at this point. However there are a few platforms that offer less than 5-minute lockout periods on select assets. For those looking for sub 5-minute lockout periods we suggest checking out TradeRush as they have 3-minute lockout periods on select assets: Click Here To View The TradeRush Platform

Binary Options Brokers – Withdrawal Times

So you’ve made some money in your binary options trading account and you are looking to withdrawal, just how long does it take the average binary options broker to return your funds to you? Like in the lockout period discussion above, binary options brokers, in attempts to stay competitive are constantly lowering the amount of time it takes to process withdrawals. This is/was a major sticking point because most brokers were taking up to 14 business days to return funds, which is a little excessive you think? Now it is common to see brokers offering withdrawals in as little as 2-4 business days. For fast withdrawals of your trading funds we recommend 24Option as recent trader commentary is showing the company processing withdrawals pretty consistently in 2 business days: Click Here To Demo The 24Option Platform

Binary Options Brokers – Spreads

The spread between binary call and binary put pricing is also an area in which we’ve seen significant movement in favor the trader. While some binary options brokers still include some sort of spread in their binary options prices, some have succumbed to the pressure and removed all spreads, thus assuring traders of the same transaction pricing. The first binary options brokers to do this was Banc de Binary. Click Here To View The Banc de Binary Platform

Binary Options Brokers – Price Feeds

Surprisingly not all binary options brokers use real-time Reuters pricing feeds on their platforms, a common complaint from some traders. This is another area in which you are bound to see all platforms eventually follow suit and begin to use Reuters pricing. But until that occurs we highly recommend trading on platforms that do utilize real-time pricing feeds from Reuters such as the ones pictured below:

binary options brokers

Binary Options Brokers – Payouts

Payouts for standard binary options trading range anywhere between 70% and 95% dependent on asset. These payout amounts begin to change once we start looking at range, touch, and high yield touch options. We really couldn’t recommend one binary platform over another in terms of payouts, so we suggest taking a look around at the various platforms, determine what kind of trading you are planning to do, and then make your decision.

Binary Options Brokers – Number of Assets

The number of assets binary options brokers include on their platform was a big consideration for me when I initially started trading binary options. As someone who transacts mainly in stock binary options, it was important for me to choose a broker that offered a wide variety of stocks to trade. What ends up happening a lot of times is you start to focus only on a select few names and then you realize the total number of assets criteria isn’t as important as once thought. If it is though for you, we recommend Anyoption for non-US traders and Banc de Binary for US traders. Click Here To View The Anyoption Trading Platform

Binary Options Brokers – Demo Account

Some people like to test out there trading strategies in a no-risk type setting before putting real money to work in their binary trading account. With this in mind, access to a quality demo account helps tremendously. With a binary options trading demo account, traders can practice devising strategies and placing trades on the broker platform with no capital at risk. For those looking for a solid demo account we recommend 24Option and OptionBit. Click Here To View The OptionBit Platform

Binary Options Brokers – Bonuses

Bonuses are a nice perk, especially when you can almost instantly double the purchasing power of your deposit. However I would caution you to learn the trading requirements that come along with receiving the bonus. For those traders that are looking to trade consistently you probably won’t have any problem meeting the trading activity requirements for accepting the bonus. Both TradesRush and Banc de Binary offer 100% bonuses, a lot of times at registration, so definitely check them out if you are interested in securing your binary options bonus.

Additionally, if you deposit with any one of the binary options brokers highlighted on this page and through these links we will send you free copies of The Binary Options Blueprint, The Lazy Day Trader System and over 5 hours of comprehensive binary options trading videos absolutely free. Just click on the link of the binary options broker of your choice, sign up and deposit the minimum amount, and forward your confirmation to the email address in the Contact tab at the top of the page. Your special binary options bonus package will be sent immediately upon receipt.

Binary Options Brokers – Education

Proper trader education is becoming a bigger part of the binary options trading process, that’s why we highly recommend taking advantage of our special binary options bonus package highlighted above. Some platforms offer trading manuals describing the basics of binary trading, but one broker is going above and beyond in terms of education and that broker is iOption. iOption recently announce a full-fledged Academy to teach traders how to more effectively trade binary options. You can learn more about the iOption Academy by clicking on the following link: iOption Academy Syllabus


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