Binary Options & The Apple iPhone 5 Event

Apple is holding a special event on October 4th presumably to announce the launch of the iPhone 5. Expectations are through the ceiling for this event and I expect volatility around shares of Apple through the event to be elevated.

Short-term traders love to trade shares of Apple through these presentations, just pull up an intra-day chart for the company’s last 4 events and behold the volatility:

Courtesy of MarketClub:
1/27/10: iPad Announcement – Stock gained 4% (202-210) btw 1:00-2:00
6/7/10: iPhone 4 Announcement – Stock fell over 2% (255-251) btw 1:00-3:00
3/2/11: iPad 2 Announcement – Stock gained 1% (350-352) after noon ET
6/6/11: WWDC – Stock fell 2% (344-338) after noon ET

This event will be special as we have not had the opportunity to trade 60-second options during previous Apple events. You CAN now using TradesRush.

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Just looking at the aforementioned charts suggest various opportunities throughout the announcement to capture large profitable moves. Make sure you are paying close attention to shares of Apple tomorrow. Here are a few items analysts/traders will be focusing on to determine whether to buy or sell shares in the short-term:

Apple iPhone 5 Market Expectations:
* Dual-Core A5 Processor
* 1GB of RAM for Multi-Tasking
* Advanced Voice-Controlled Functionality
* Sprint Gets The iPhone 5
* 1080p HD Video
* Lower priced iPhone 4

And this is all assuming that Apple announces the iPhone 5, if they don’t get your binary put option trigger fingers ready…

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