Binary Options Weekly: 3 Things For The Weekend

Heading into the weekend we wanted to share a couple of items of importance for our dedicated readers:

The Bonuses:

Two of the leading binary options trading platforms announced new bonus initiatives for depositing customers, so if you are looking to test out a new platform you may want to check them out. For the specifics simply click on the link below:

Binary Options Bonus

The Return:

It’s back… Mike Dillard has graciously re-opened the doors to The Elevation Group and now you too can learn the wealth creation strategies that in-the-know investors have been using to create and preserve wealth generationally. From time-tested trading tactics all the way to income tax optimization strategies, The Elevation Group arms you with the necessary weapons to turn your trading activities into a sustainable trading BUSINESS. In this video Dillard reveals how many are creating incredible wealth during today’s economic crisis…this is a must-see:

Click Here To Learn All About The Elevation Group

The Analysis:

If you’ve read any of the binary options cheat sheets then you know one of the more profitable strategies we’ve been using to generate profits involve trading the weekly touch options offered on the weekend on the Anyoption and Banc de Binary platforms. The platforms do not seem to know how to properly price these weekend options ranges, providing opportunities for smart traders to swoop in and generate returns from 180%-500% in a week.

Unfortunately the extreme market volatility spooked the platforms and they have increased the ranges on most assets from a low of 1.5% on the Dow a month ago all the way up 10-13% last weekend.  Expecting the Dow to move 10% higher or lower in 5 trading days is a bit much for me to stomach so I held off on trading last weekend. However with market volatility somewhat cooling towards the end of the summer season opportunities should arise again to play these mispriced options. Be sure to check out the ranges when they are released this weekend:

 Click Here To View Anyoption’s Weekend Trading Platform

 Click Here To View Banc de Binary’s Weekend Trading Platform

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