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Sexy Trading Strategy Yields $10k in 30 Minutes…

Is it really possible to pull 5-figures out of the market in a single day? The answer appears to be a resounding YES for those that implement this Super Simple Sexy Strategy…Watch the video and take action, you won’t be disappointed:

Sexy Trading Strategy

$10k in 30 Minutes — The Naked Truth

Over 5 Years Of Binary Options Trading Results (Live Video Proof) & Free Access!!!

Check out this video from noted binary options trader Jeff Anderson showing real-time updated proof from his real money binary options trading account. Jeff is trying to distinguish himself from all the other so-called “gurus” out there by showing real, undeniable PROOF. These results seem unreal (especially given the simple disciplined system he’s using to get them), but the results speak volumes. Click on the video below and tell us what you think?

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 12.44.46 PM

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The Ultimate Trading Package For Forex & Binary Options Traders?

Train Like a Pro to Trade Like a Pro Using These Time Tested Trading Resources

Check out this awesome Trader package we put together to help you take control of your trading destiny and take your trading to the next level. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s inside:

– 16 Interactive forex and binary options training lessons
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Ultimate Forex Traders Package

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How To Profit During Times of Economic Chaos

Mike Dillard and the team over at The Elevation Group have put together a series of videos revealing how to create (or recover) incredible wealth during today’s economic crisis. His team has generated returns of over 280% since 2008, while most investors are still recovering from the massive losses incurred during the down swing. So for that reason alone I recommend checking out the first video in the series by clicking on the video below, it may change your whole approach to trading and investing:

The Elevation Group

Binary Options: Weekly Touch Options Trade Opportunities (7/30-31)

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With a potential US default event deadline set for August 2, volatility within the US stock market should pick up during the week. There are a few ways to play this potential volatility using the weekly options (One-Touch) offered on the Anyoption platform. Weekly Touch Options trades can only be placed on the weekend so you have until Sunday night to place your trades. Here are a couple trades you may want to consider:

Bank of America (BAC): The financials are highly correlated to this potential US default event and traders started positioning for movement within BAC on Friday through the use of traditional weekly options. According to Fred Ruffy on Seeking Alpha, call buyers dominated action in BAC weekly options with most of the action centered around the 10 and 11 strikes. Anyoption is currently offering calls at $10.10 and puts at $9.32 on shares of BAC, which closed at $9.71 on Friday. In order to receive the 220% return shares of BAC would need to close above $10.10 (if you purchased the call) or below $9.32 (if you purchased the put) on any day (M-F) next week. If you don’t want to pick a direction you can simply purchase both, a binary options strangle. In this scenario your likely max potential return would be half the 220% or 110%. But hey you didn’t have to pick a direction and you can still double your money!

Dow Jones: Similar to the BAC example above, traders can purchase calls at the 12410 level and/or puts at the 11875 level with a potential return of 380%, same expiration rules apply.  Just to note this same range (roughly 2.2%) was offered last week and the low strike was hit by Wednesday…and this was with no specific market catalyst. This seems like a pretty high probability trade to make, unfortunately Anyoption doesn’t offer Index trades for US traders. TraderXP does but they are undergoing some maintenance this weekend so I’m not sure of their availability.

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The 5-Minute Trader: Binary Options Trading Strategy

Modified Striker9 Strategy + Anyoption

A few months ago we conducted a real time review of the Striker9 binary options trading system (see the Striker9 Review post) and generated some nice hourly returns, managing a 77% winning percentage. I was disciplined in sticking to the system during the testing phase but couldn’t help but wonder if a small change in methodology could increase my profitability even further…and thus spawned the 5-Minute Trader.

Without giving too much away about the Striker9 system, the methodology suggests (at least in the light version) placing trades in a 30-minute window before expiration. My first couple losses using theStriker9 system occurred when I anxiously placed trades early in that 30-minute window and watched helplessly as the stock moved against me with ample time remaining. This frustrated me, but the overall results still pointed to the system working so I really couldn’t complain too much.

Following the review I did make a few changes that have cutback on the number of losing trades and subsequently increased my profitability. The first change was utilizing a binary options platform with a super short lock-out period. I initially switched to Optionbit but have since moved on to Anyoption, mainly due to the shear number of options available to trade on its platform and the iPhone app which is excellent.  Both have a 5-minute lock-out period which is essential.

The other, and more important, change I made was to only make trades that the Striker9 system signaled within the last 10 minutes of expiration, the closer to the 5-minute lock-out period the better! While this strategy led to more no trade days (using Striker9 Light), my number of losses diminished and my profitability increased.

Options expiration, as highlighted in our free binary options trading course, provides a great opportunity to trade binary options with high probability winning percentages. Take the next to try out the modified 5-Minute Trader Striker9 methodology during this coming week and let us know what you think.


Forex Hedging Strategies When A Breakout Point Is Tested

A breakout is most likely to fail below the breakout point with Forex trading, yet thankfully there is a simple way to hedge the failure by shifting the risk to above the breakout point. It entails the use of a humble trading tool: placing a Binary Options trade for the opposite direction when the breakout is tested.

For example, let’s look at this Thursday’s Swiss Consumer Price Index (CPI), which will impact the USDCHF.  You’ve placed a traditional Forex USDCHF long trade in anticipation of the Swiss CPI.  If the Swiss CPI report is better than expected, then a breakout will likely occur.  Without using a Binary Options hedging strategy, you could be shaken out if the breakout fails and hits your stop-loss.  However, you instead employ a Binary Options trading hedge and place a binary options trade at the moment of your breakout point for the opposite direction.  The risk-management effect is similar to a stop-loss, except that you are now profitable as long as a failure of the USDCHF breakout point does not leave your Forex account with a greater loss than your binary options trading profit (profits with Binary Options tend to be high – around 80-85%). If you incur more loss in your Forex account than the profit received from your Binary Options trade, you would then immediately exit your USDCHF position.

Forex breakout

Now compare this with your stop-loss risk management. A stop-loss hit always means losing money. However a Binary Options trading hedge is profitable both ways. It simply switches the risk to above the breakout point, where you are profitable anyway.

Understanding this hedging strategy means that you no longer have to fear the instrument’s testing of your stop-loss point in a traditional Forex trade. You can now calmly face the test’s that come, knowing you have a handy tool ready to strengthen your Forex position. As profiting with Binary Options occurs when you get the direction of the instrument’s price at the expiry price correct, and not the exact price at expiry, you can use it as an excellent hedge when your Forex breakout fails.

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Forex Trading Strategies With Binary Options

Binary Options can be ideal for Forex strategy trading. The primary advantages, which we will summarize below, are related to leverage, risk/reward and momentum trading.

Expiration is the most obvious difference between conventional Forex trading and Binary Options. Hourly Forex Binary Options expire at the end of the hour, and pay out a fixed return of 85% even if the expiration price is just a fraction of a pip in the direction speculated. Binary Options do not use leverage, so you cannot lose more than you bet. And since no leverage is required then the risk / reward is much greater during momentum trading. For example using a breakout strategy a $100 trade will profit $85 if it is just a fraction of pip “in the right direction” at expiration, which happens at the end of the hour.

StartOptions Forex

These advantages come together when using a Forex trading strategy such as momentum trading. In the chart above, a breakout from the base formed by the GBP/JPY causes momentum in one direction, but of unknown duration and size. On the other hand, Binary Options offer simple directional trading so they are basically a perfect fit for momentum traders. As long as you accurately predict direction of the breakout, you can make 85% profits by being right even if the pip moves a fraction in the direction speculated. This would have required huge leverages with conventional Forex with incomparable risk / reward.

If you’re interested in binary options brokers, you’re welcome to go to StartOptions. They’re a leading binary options provider with top binary options reviews. Check out the link below allows you to see how binary trading on the platform really works.

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Binary Options August Expiration Strategy

In this week’s Binary Options Weekly we explore opportunities to take advantage of patterned stock movement during the last few trading hours of August expiration on 8/20/10. As we mentioned in last month’s expiration report, binary options traders are offered a high win probability trading opportunity during the last couple hours of traditional options expiration. We went 4-for-4 implementing this strategy last month (specific results highlighted), so in this week’s report we outline the names to watch this time around and will be updating the list via Twitter as 2:00 pm ET rolls around on Friday…

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Binary Options Strategies Exposed

Congratulations, you’ve decided to start trading binary options, you’ve selected a binary options trading platform and you are ready to go. If you haven’t decided on which binary options trading platform is best for you, we suggest reviewing the comprehensive review video we recorded and published in last week’s Binary Options Weekly and make an informed choice. So what now? How do you start? If you haven’t decided on a specific strategy to follow in your binary options trading activities we suggest considering these two popular strategies traders are using to profitably trade binary options…

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