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These Options Traders Hate Jay-Z!

Traders don’t appear to like hip-hop mogul Jay-Z too much right now. One such trader took a bearish position on Sprint (S) yesterday by purchasing nearly 8k June 8 puts for $0.60.

Earlier this week Sprint announced it purchased a 33% stake in Jay-Z’s Tidal music streaming service for roughly $200 million. Open interest in the June 8 puts totaled less than 3k contracts signifying that this is a new position.

Lending Rate Marketplace discusses how smart options traders are preparing to profit from the potential demise of Jay-Z’s Tidal streaming music service in this recent article.

Breaking Out: Are Gold & Equities on the Verge?

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The past couple weeks we have seen strong distribution selling in the equities market followed by equally large days of buying. These buying and selling frenzies have formed a sideways consolidation.

Intraday movements have been sizable and more than enough to shake those trying to pick a direction early out of the market a few times. As fewer traders get involved the price range narrows and becomes compressed. Eventually there will be a breakout in a direction on heavy volume and with any luck it will start a new trend.

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Binary Options Trade Alert: Gold & S&P500