Hourly Binary Options Trading Is For Suckers!!!

Binary options trading platforms have done a tremendous job marketing their platforms around the premise that you can generate over 80% an hour by simply selecting whether an asset will finish higher or lower than the current price before expiration, typically within 50-55 minutes.  For my money this is fool’s gold. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are plenty of traders that have systems in place to profit off of moves within these short time frames, however I see the big opportunity in binary options trading lying in the longer-term options namely the daily binary options.

Think about it, most of the leading signal services revolve around daily expirations, why is that? Well some say it is easier to predict daily price levels vs. focusing on minute-by-minute stock fluctuations. How many times have you placed an hourly trade based on a chart set-up only to have it fall out of the money by the hourly expiration but finish the day in the money had you traded the daily expiration? This use to happen to me all the time before I made the switch to daily expiry binary options.

I try to place my daily options trades a half hour to an hour after the open based on a variety of technical indicators which we cover in detail over the next 4 cheat sheets. A statistically significant amount of time the momentum is maintained throughout the bulk of the day. Reversals, when they do occur, typically happen in the last 30-60 minutes of trading, so at that point I look to see if I need to hedge the position to lock in a profit.

I encourage you to test this method of binary trading I think you’ll find it’s on average a better approach to trading on the binary platforms. To that end only a few of the major binary trading platforms have daily expiries most notably: BeeOptions and CitiTrader.   

Tomorrow we discuss the most advantageous time to place your binary trades…

3 Responses to Hourly Binary Options Trading Is For Suckers!!!

  1. Doug Samson says:

    Looking forward to seeing additional strategies. I need some new ideas.

  2. dave says:

    Don’t intend opening an account for the moment but looking forward to your info

  3. 1prince says:

    It is the only binary options strategy that really is based on evaluation and application of fundamental and technical analysis.Any other method seems like
    sheer speculation and luck!

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