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– 16 Interactive forex and binary options training lessons
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– Detailed success roadmap
– Weekly Mentorships with Jared Martinez (The FX Chief)
– MTI 4.0 Charting
– Systems such as the FX Turbo Trader, FX Cable, FX Pulse and Much, Much, More!

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Ultimate Forex Traders Package

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24bulls Review: A New Level of Safety & User Friendliness For Binary Options Traders

24bulls Review: Binary Option Trading Platform Overview

24bulls established in 2012 and based in Cyprus was created as a joint venture between the very well known TradeSmarter and other programing and financial experts.  While exploring 24bulls you will find a web based Binary Option platform  with many different convenient  features, great learning materials and very profitable incentive promotions for experienced traders or recently new traders.

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24bulls Review: Payouts, Rebates and Promotions

At you will find many unique and interesting advantages for Binary Options traders that you probably have not been offered by other brokers, such as:

1) 24bulls  offers one of the highs percentages of pay outs in the business, Up To 85%

2) You will also find high rebates of 22% to protect you from risky trades

3) Bonuses that reach up to 50% and special promotions that reach up to 100%

4) The first and only insurance plan for Binary Option traders that covers you deposit up to 50% cash back

24bulls Review:  Advanced Features

There are many advanced and user friendly features at, such as learning productive materials, a translated platform in over 10 languages. But the most impressive and unique feature would be their Option Builder. This comfortable feature allows the trader to choose in less than seconds which asset, expiration time, Payout and rebate the would like. This will mostly be appreciated after bad experiences with other binary options platforms that make the most simplest features so complicated and time wasting. You may choose many different time such as 60 seconds, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour. Assets offered are also of a wide menu and trades can be placed from as low as $5 to as high as $2000.

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24bulls Review: Customer Care And Traders Safety

24bulls is considered to be one of the most safest and respected platforms to trade with since they have followed the correct steps to receive such acknowledgment. 1) All asset prices are estimated by direct feed through Thomson Reuters. The most objective way of estimating an asset. 2) All of 24bulls traders have full control of their segregated account and are free to withdraw their funds whenever they choose 3) 24bulls follows the rules and regulations of CYSEC securities and exchange commission.

24bulls review

24bulls Review

Marketfy Review: 3 HUGE Reasons Traders Are Migrating To The Marketfy Trading System Platform

For those that haven’t heard, Marketfy is fairly new trading system platform designed to give traders the ultimate edge in their trading activities. However Marketfy  is not your typical trading system provider. Marketfy was developed by the Benzinga Team to bring some order back into the Trading System Marketplace that has gotten out of control with launch after launch of sub-standard, fly by night systems. Before you invest in another shiny trading system I highly recommend you check out Marketfy.

Marketfy Advantage #1 — Transparency!!!

MarketfyThe main issue that continues to plague the trading community when it comes to systems is the lack of transparency. So trading system XYZ predicts winners 80% of the time with an average return of 12% per trade, cool, sign me up! Unfortunately these returns are often exaggerated and rarely are returns generated using REAL MONEY. And everyone knows there is a HUGE difference between returns generated in a demo account vs. a real money account.

With Marketfy, transparency is no longer an issue. Marketfy trading systems are designed to give you access to the System creator/trader on a real-time basis. All trades are documented and updated on the site on a real-time basis. You can judge for yourself whether the performance the trading system is producing is worth investing in, no hype, no manipulation…the choice is yours!

Marketfy Advantage #2 – Product Breadth

The Marketfy Platform has a wide range of trading products covering all the major asset categories. Whether you trade stocks, options, forex or even binary options, Marketfy either has a product specifically designed for you or something in the works.

Check Out These High Impact Trading Videos:

Trading Apple Weekly Options For Maximum Profit

The Art of Swing Trading


Marketfy has worked with Trading experts to also provide varying styles of trading (day trading, swing trading, long-term plays and short-term plays) for their growing trading community, and speaking of community…

Marketfy Advantage #3 – Community

The majority of the trading signals and recommendations are relayed real-time in chat rooms where the head trader communicates with traders who have signed up for the service. This allows there to be no confusion in the recommendation process and also gives traders an opportunity to pick the brain of the trading system creator as well as others following the system every day.



Binary Options Scams, Fraud, and Other Complaints Exposed…What Really Works In Binary Options Trading?

I’ve been immersed in the binary options trading industry basically from the start in late 2008, so I’ve seen many trends and fads come and go so I wanted to dedicate a post to address the binary options scams, binary options fraud and other complaints as well as what has stood the test of time and really works in the binary options marketplace..

Binary Options Scams, Fraud, and Other Common Complaints

The word scam gets thrown around a lot in binary options trading and I can understand why as the word “scam” typically gets a bunch of attention. However how many documented binary options scams have you seen or experienced first-hand. I mention this because even with  the number of binary options brokers growing exponentially over the last year or so, I can’t think of one that has taken deposits and run off never to be heard from again. The industry is now going on 5 years in existence and I can’t think of one instance. Now granted this doesn’t mean that some brokers haven’t been exactly forthcoming in their dealings, speaking of which…

Binary Options Bonus Issues — Be Careful

The major issue binary traders have expressed on our Binary Options Weekly Fan Page always revolves around binary options bonuses. I made it a point in the Binary Options Cheat Sheets to “Beware of the Binary Options Bonus”. In general there are terms and conditions that come with accepting binary options bonus cash on top of your deposit that you need to consider before accepting. Most terms require you to trade an amount ranging between 10-30x your actual deposit before making a withdrawal if you accept the binary options bonus. I ran into this issue when I first started trading binary options but the broker simply removed the bonus and I was able to withdraw my returns minus the bonus. Other platforms haven’t been as accommodating. I’ve seen horror stories of brokers, for example Banc de Binary, not waiving the 10-30x trading minimum after traders accepted the bonus. As long as they expressly laid out the terms and conditions of accepting the bonus prior to providing it I don’t necessarily have an issue with that, it’s a business decision. However it’s important you know what you are getting into before trading with many of the brokers.

Binary Options Brokers – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

There are many reviews out there online with most having a positive bias due to affiliate relationships but what’s the truth, which platforms over deliver and which ones fail to deliver the goods. Having traded on a number of the platforms over the years I can fully recommend three in particular: TradeRush, 24Option, and OptionBit. I’ve traded on each platform, I’ve deposited and withdrew funds, and have an account manager at each I can call on if I have any questions or concerns. Quickly reviewing the feedback from our Facebook page, 24option appears to be the one platform mentioned most positively amongst binary traders.

It’s impossible to keep track of all the new binary options brokers that pop up seemingly every day so in general my advice would be to stick to some of the older platforms before jumping on a new brand with little history or track record. That being said the brokers I’ve seen most mentioned in a negative light throughout the years include TraderXP, OneTwoTrade, VIPBinary, amongst others…

Binary Options Systems — What Really Works?

The market has been bombarded with binary options trading systems of late, it seems every day a new one arrives promising outrageous winning percentages and automated trading functionality. The question is do any of these systems work? Full disclosure I haven’t tried all these new systems so I can’t really say. There are two however that I have tried and tested thoroughly that have produced solid results for me: Striker9 and Binary Options Pro Signals. I reviewed both in prior posts so won’t get into detail here, but both are good systems for beginner to intermediate binary options traders.

Another system/signals provider you may want to check out is Marketclub. I’ve found success trading binary options off of the real-time trading signals offered through the Marketclub system. You can access the signals for free here for a limited time.

The Future of Trading Systems & Services

Maybe the biggest concern facing binary options trading actually the trading community as a whole is transparency. Trading service providers need to be more transparent in their strategies and results in order to gain a following and build respect amongst the growing trading community. One new platform, just launched in the last few months,  intends to do just that, bring clear transparency to the retail trading community by providing and documenting recommended trades from professional trading service providers on a real time basis, and that platform is MARKETFY.

Whether you trade binary options, vanilla options, stocks, forex, ETFs, Marketfy has a solution for you with detailed signals and results updated every day and shared in live trading rooms with other traders like you. Full transparency, full disclosure…welcome to a new era of trading…Welcome To Marketfy.

Using Binary Trending Signals To Trade Silver Binary Options & Crude Oil


Silver Streaking Skyward: Without a doubt silver seems to be leading the metals sector to the upside. Our binary signals software provided a near-term buy signal on silver at roughly $34.28 for binary options traders. Our system still sees silver testing the $35 level in the near future.

Crude Oil Also Seen Moving Onwards & Upwards: Crude oil rallied today, moving to its best levels in over a week and in the process flashed a short-term buy signal at roughly $88.29. In general crude has been stuck in a trading range between $86 on the downside and $90 on the upside. Our binary signal indicates that we should see a break from this trading range in the very near term.

You can gain free access t0 the binary signal system we use to trade binary options by clicking on the following link: Binary Trending Signals.


In today’s video we highlight some of the trade set ups from yesterday on the S&P500 futures markets. Remember you can trade these same strategies in the binary options markets using a handful of the leading binary options trading platforms.

The trades highlighted in the video are good examples of just how easy and straightforward it is to identify patterns and hopefully you can begin to use the strategies in your trading activities. We go through a daily price chart to show you the methods we use to come up with support and resistance levels and also dig into longer term thinking. Check out the video by clicking on the link below:


While some of the trading videos we highlight in our daily update are geared towards forex pairs, make no mistake about it, the same philosophies and strategies can be used in binary options trading. And with multiple expiries and trading types available, especially High Yield Touch Options, the strategies end up working far better and most times more profitably for binary options traders.

If you are looking for exactly how to hedge your positions to maximize gains when a trend is broken using binary options we recommend checking out our free binary options trading course. You can access the free trading course along with several other free trading resources by clicking on the ‘Free Stuff’ tab in the top menu tab above. Have a great trading day and make sure you check back each day for more educational binary options trading videos.

Powerful Trade Setups For 3 Binary Options Pairs

Powerful Trade Setups For 3 Binary Options Pairs

In the video below we highlight 3 binary options traders should be paying close attention to today: US Dollar / Swiss Franc (USDCHF), US Dollar / Japanese Yen (USDJPY), and the Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen (AUDJPY). The trade setups presented are fairly simple, yet very powerful, and should be considered when trading binary options on your platform of choice.

Binary Trade Setups

US Dollar / Japanese Yen (USDJPY) Binary Options: The USDJPY binary options pair presented an attractive entry point back on November 12 that yielded several days of winning trades on a daily basis. Do note that the analysis relies on Daily charts for proper entry points and as such daily expiry binary options would make a ton of sense for these signals.

US Dollar / Swiss Franc (USDCHF) Binary Options:  Notice the clear signal highlighted in the chart that indicated binary put options be purchased for again, another multi-day winning streak. The key is to find these critical signals to initiate a trade.

Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen (AUDJPY) Binary Options: Easy signal spotted when the binary options pair dipped between the 200 and 50-day moving average, closed outside of the band and started a multi-day move to the upside

 Thoughts On The S&P & The US Dollar

The S&P500 seems likely to pullback from a 66 point rally off the 1343 pivots. Those pivots were right at a Fibonacci fractal retracement of 61.8% of the Summer rally.  That rally ran from 1267-1474 as we all know in hindsight, and the correction was a normal correction within a bull cycle.

Near term, we had a nice run to 1409 and met resistance there.  We would expect a pullback to the 1384 areas on the S&P500, if not a bit lower in the coming days. The US Dollar is likely to get a bounce which will also pull down Precious Metals along with stocks near term. We think this could be a opportunity to buy as we approach pivot pullback buy points, but of course we will monitor in the event the pullback becomes more dire than expected.

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3 Major Binary Options Signals To Trade Now

Identifying An Attractive SPX Binary Put Option Entry Point

In the video below we highlight an early morning trade from yesterday where we were able to spot a very attractive entry point to purchase SPX binary put options. Follow along closely as we walk you through the entire process of setting up the trade and how to manage the position if needed. This specific binary options strategy would be most effective on expirations of an hour or less. You can test this type of binary options strategy using a free binary options trading demo account.

S&P500 Binary Options

Why We Are Targeting Gold Binary Options This Week

Trading in gold binary options crossed our screens this week as our trusty signals system flashed strong positive over the last day or so. Traders will likely look for Gold to retest Friday’s high early in the week and if gold can close above resistance; it will likely first target $1775 fairly quickly. Not only is this price $35 above today’s price, it is also in line with a few chart highs from late last year. Ultimately, Gold Bulls expect that after this period of consolidation is over the $1800 level will be challenged in short order.

Apple Binary Put Options Could Be in Effect Mode

Seeing a ton of analysis on Apple with many wondering if we’ve run too far too fast. As highlighted in the chart below Apple appears overbought at the 50% Fibonacci level resistance and major indices facing significant resistance. One more push up to the red resistance line would signal an attractive binary put option entry point on Apple.

Apple Binary Options

Are you looking to generate some Recurring Residual Income this year? What if I told you I get paid to simply blog about my hobbies and interests, like this Binary Options Strategy article and you can too, just click the banner below to learn how you can join our team of Empowered Traders and start generating recurring residual income TODAY:


OptionBit Review: An Insider’s Strange Review of The OptionBit Platform

OptionBit Review

OptionBit provides traders with a unique and flexible trading experience designed to provide maximum results in a short amount of time. The OptionBit trading platform is simple enough for users without previous trading experience, but robust enough to meet the demands of more seasoned professionals. OptionBit traders can earn up to 400% on their investment.

OptionBit Review: Fast Withdrawals

I was pleasantly surprised with the fast withdrawal times at OptionBit. My winnings were sent quickly and without hassle. Making the withdrawal request was quick and convenient. However, the most impressive part of the entire account funds management portion of my “OptionBit” experience was absolutely the amount of payment options available. As someone who uses multiple credits cards and eWallet services, I was able to easily transfer funds to my trading account from a wide variety of services.

OptionBit Review: Platform Interface

The platform is perhaps the highlight of my trading experience with OptionBit. The easy to use interface helped get my bearings quickly, and allowed me to easily understand how to trade and access all of the different tools and services available. Multiple views, on chart trading and built-in marketing information and analysis were clearly visible and easy to manipulate.

OptionBit Video Review

OptionBit Review

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OptionBit Review: Trading Types

OptionBit offers numerous types of trading, which allowed me to trade how and when I wanted to. I actually became a fan of 60 second trading while using the OptionBit platform. 60 second trading is exactly how it sounds. Open a position that lasts for only 60 seconds and earn a profit of up to 81% on your investment. Easier said than done I know, but the possibility of such a high return in a short amount of time was extremely appealing to me. OptionBit also features an auto trading service, allowing you to open multiple trades in order to capitalize on market trends. In short, when using the platform I always felt in control and in charge of my own destiny.

OptionBit Review: Conclusion

Whether you are a rookie or an expert, OptionBit has something to offer. When I first joined, I had little online trading experience and only a rudimentary level of financial understanding. However, OptionBit’s service was easy enough to understand that I quickly started making trades and even increased my profits. I won’t fool you into thinking that there is no work involved, but with some effort and a little patience, you could significantly increase your income. I encourage everyone to at least give them a try.       

Start now and earn a profit of up to 400%!


The Great Binary Challenge Live Q&A Webinar

Can One Video Forever Change The Way You Trade?

Check out the LIVE Q&A I did on Friday the 19th , where I answered all the top questions our excited traders asked about the Binary Dominator and Great Binary Challenge:

Great Binary Challenge

The Great Binary Challenge

An Insider’s Guide To The Binary Options Magnet Trading Bot

Binary Options Magnet

The latest entry into the binary options trading space is also a ”FIRST” for the relatively young binary options industry, the Binary Options Magnet has arrived and here’s our official Binary Options Magnet Review.

binary options magnetWe specifically like the Binary Options Magnet as it is the first bot system dedicated the binary options space. Common within the forex trading system landscape, bots enable traders to trade their favorite trading programs pretty much hands-free. The Binary Options Magnet was created by long time Forex trader Thomas Hunt who grew tired of trading strict forex markets and decided to figure out if he could use similar trading strategies in the binary options space with as much success. Much to his surprise things worked out even better using what he now calls the “Binary Options Magnet” system…

Binary Options Magnet

In his first 10 trades he registered 9 winners for a total profit of nearly $600 and the following week he won 7 out of 8 trades yielding $358. Now we’ve tested many binary options trading systems, actually all of the leading binary options trading systems and signals providers on the market and while many boast high winning percentages I’ve yet to find one that matched the high winning percentage claims promoted in each system’s sales promotion…However I would note while I never expect to win 90% of my trades using any system I think a winning percentage above 60% is solid, 70% is phenomenal! We are currently testing the Binary Options Magnet system to determine what the true percentage traders can expect trading the system on a consistent basis. You can test out the system as well risk-free by clicking on the link below:

>>> Binary Options Magnet – Risk-Free Trial <<<

The one thing I particularly like about the Binary Options Magnet system is the automated nature of the system, this is a huge plus for new traders, actually for all traders, now you can trade binary options with:

No Analysis
No Staring Aimlessly At Trading charts
No Fear of Missing Critical Entry Points
No More Excessive Hours Sitting In Front of the Computer

Simply follow the software and watch the profits roll in. Take a look and see for yourself. Test out the Binary Options Magnet system by clicking on the link below:

>>> Binary Options Magnet – Exclusive Trial <<<



Binary Options Magnet