TradeMonster Review: A Comprehensive Review of the TradeMonster Platform

TradeMonster Review – An Options Trader Perspective

TradeMonster, the brainchild of regular CNBC contributors Pete and Jon Najarian, arrived on the scene back in 2008 and has quickly become the leading platform for options traders worldwide. As long time traders on the CBOE, the Najarians built the TradeMonster platform specifically for options traders, a vast difference from other more broad based trading platforms. While you most certainly can trade stocks, futures and other assets on TradeMonster the real benefit of the platform lies in its options functionality, so we’ll concentrate on that portion of the platform in our comprehensive “TradeMonster Review”:

TradeMonster Review – Low Cost

Right or wrong, cost is oftentimes the primary consideration traders analyze when selecting an options broker, and from that perspective TradeMonster beats much of the competition. For those trading up to 10k contracts per month, TradeMonster charges $0.50 per contract with a minimum of $12.50 (or $15 for spreads). The per-contract price declines as your monthly volume grows, with heavy volume traders paying a very low $0.10 per contract! The chart below highlights how TradeMonster stacks up against the competition in terms of multi-leg options pricing:

TradeMonster Review: Price Comparison (as of 1/4/2012)

TradeMonster Review

TradeMonster Review – Easy Options Spread Trading

Trading options on the TradeMonster platform is a cinch. This platform was clearly made by and tailored for options traders. This can be most clearly seen in how advanced multi-leg options trades are transacted. Instead of creating your own multi-legged options structures, TradeMonster provides easy one-button trading for even the most advanced multi-legged, multi-maturity options trading structures. So whether you are trading simple call spreads or more advanced diagonal calendar spreads TradeMonster has you covered.

TradeMonster Review – Real-Time Volatility & Options Flow Data

Now this is where TradeMonster truly separates itself from the competition. No other options broker offers the level of real-time volatility and options flow data that TradeMonster does. As a former institutional trader I know for a fact that our firm would pay up to $20k a month for the type of data TradeMonster offer its retail trading clientele for free. Check out what TradeMonster provides: Unusual Activity Screens, Significant Intraday and Multiday Volatility Changers, over 30 quick fundamental screens, and a variety of streaming technical indicator screens amongst others. The picture below highlights just a sampling of the real-time volatility data TradeMonster provides:

TradeMonster Review: Real-Time Volatility Data Screens

TradeMonster Review

All of this even for just paper trading accounts. So if you think this type of real-time data could really help you in your trading decisions, at the very least sign up for a free paper trading account (click on link below).

Create A Free TradeMonster Paper Trading Account Here!

TradeMonster Review – Free Trade Alerts & Market Research

TradeMonster also does a bang up job in providing options centric trade alerts and market research on its platform and through its OptionsMonster website. In an era where everyone is breaking news contributing to massive information overload, there are only a few sources of intelligent / relevant daily options commentary online and fortunately TradeMonster is one of them. I suggest options traders check the recent market commentary from the TradeMonster team before entering into any options trades on the day.

So if you want to test drive the TradeMonster platform simply click on the link below. TradeMonster is offering new traders to its platform 30 days of commission free trading for a limited time, so don’t delay visit TradeMonster today:

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TradeMonster Review

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