TradeRush Weekly Options Trades Analysis

Last Sunday on our Binary Options Weekly Facebook Page we alerted you to attractive weekly touch options pricing on the TradeRush platform. We commented on how you could purchase weekly touch options on Google (GOOG) with profit levels just 8% from current levels. Traders who purchased these weekly touch call(put) options would profit 420% if shares of GOOG closed above(below) the 8% specified level on any day the following week. As we’ve explained in the binary options cheat sheets, we always recommend purchasing both the put and call to eliminate direction bias and still allow you to generate returns of +210% should shares finish either 8% higher or lower.

The GOOG weekly options trade seemed even more intriguing given it was scheduled to report earnings on Thursday and shares had moved over 8% on earnings in 3 out of its last 4 earnings announcements and has averaged a 7% move over its last 8 earnings announcements. Traders who took the suggestion to purchase both the put and call in the GOOG weekly touch options saw their position gain 210% (or 420% if you just purchased the call) BEFORE THE COMPANY REPORTED EARNINGS. The subsequent 6% earnings move became irrelevant as the position was declared a winner at the close on Thursday. Under this strategy AAPL weekly touch options also finished in the money this week, surpassing the targeted 400 level on Wednesday and paying out 420%.

Keep in mind these weekly touch options are only available for purchase on the weekend, so be sure to check out current levels of all the various weekly touch options assets on Saturday and Sunday. We’ll update the Facebook page with levels as a reminder…

TradeRush Weekly Touch Options Platform


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