Weekly Binary Options Trading On The Weekend

It is no secret that weekly options in traditional options trading has been the most successful innovation in the options trading world over the last decade. The popularity of these instruments has at times dominated typical monthly option usage, as traders have been able to utilize these shorter-term instruments to implement trading strategies around 1-day events.

Did you know you can trade weekly binary options on a few binary trading platforms (TradeRush) with fixed returns in the 350-700% range? These options, which can only be placed on the weekend, come in the touch variety, meaning they profit if the underlying closes above the call level and/or below the put level on any of the 5 days of the coming week. The levels change each week depending on the market and company specific events. However it is my belief that the platforms are still trying to figure out how to price the ranges effectively…meaning there is opportunity for traders.

I’ve found the most success placing weekend trades on companies that have earnings or some other event (conference, product launch) scheduled for the upcoming week. You can very easily calculate how volatile the stock has been on average around previous earnings and determine if you feel the range is appropriate to trade. I rarely choose a direction, I simply buy both the put and call, looking to profit from movement beyond the target levels in either direction. We highlight attractive weekend trading candidates via email so be on the lookout for that every weekend.

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Tomorrow we reveal the most effective method for selecting entry and hedge points in binary options trading…

6 Responses to Weekly Binary Options Trading On The Weekend

  1. michael lancelot says:

    hi..i like your comment generally, but what exactly do u mean by saying that you buy both put and call so as to ‘profit from either movement’. Does not make sense to me, I am novice..so if you might explain i would be happy.. Coz my understanding is that in that kind of position u lose and win at the same time..but effectively you will incure a small deficiet (i think due to charges or whatever)..

    m lancelot

    • admin says:

      You are correct in thinking you could win on one position and lose on the other. The reason this still makes money is because of the return percentages. The winning position would net 400+% and the losing position would net -100%, so net-net you’d make 300%

  2. tony mills says:

    Is it at all possible to lose both the call and put, like maybe the price doesn’t reach either level?

    • admin says:

      absolutely…that’s why instead of spending something like $100 on each position, spend only $50 on each (half of what you normally would spend on each) so your maximum loss would be equivalent to standard binary options

  3. wesley shuenn says:


    This one touch platform looks like sure win when traders put and call on $100 ($50 put and $50 call)(Example at 400% pay percentage) at the same time,and still made $200.00 after deduct $100 trades?

  4. Jack says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting play.

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