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Weekly Options: An Alternative Approach

Weekly OptionsThe rise of Weekly Options trading over the past couple of years has been phenomenal. Both retail and institutional traders alike have used these trading vehicles to more efficiently trade around events. Prior to the advent of weekly options, traders would end up having to purchase monthly expiry options to trade events (like earnings) that included a ton of unnecessary and unwanted time value. Now with weekly options, traders can purchase options that have expiration times of 8 days and less to trade one-day events. The uber-popularity of weekly options makes me wonder how long it will be before daily options arrive!!!

Instead of delving into the various effective strategies traders have been using to trade weekly options (which we do in detail in our Free Weekly Options Mastery Course), we are dedicating this time to focus on an often overlooked area of weekly options trading – the weekly options touch trading available across many binary options trading platforms.

What Are Touch Style Weekly Options?

Touch weekly options are a type of binary option in the sense there are just 2 potential outcomes, you finish in the money and generate a specific return or you finish out of the money and you receive nothing. Using this as a basis, select binary options platforms offer touch weekly options exclusively on the weekend. When Saturday rolls around these platforms will list the relevant assets and pricing levels for weekly options trading. Traders can transact on these levels until Sunday afternoon.

How Touch Style Weekly Options Work

For instance say you believed Apple was poised to move higher in the coming week and you wanted to purchase “weekly options”. You could visit one of the platforms we highlight below to see what the touch target levels are for the coming week. These levels change weekly and I’ve seen them range anywhere between 3% and 10%. Meaning if you believe Apple will close any day in the coming week 5% (or whatever the range specified) from Friday’s closing levels you would want to purchase the Apple touch weekly options. In return for a winning prediction you would make anywhere between 350%-700%! That’s what makes it so intriguing. You have five Apple trading days to hit the specified threshold. What could happen is Apple moves a little bit in the same direction each day and before you know it by Friday’s close Apple has moved the required amount for you to profit.

Where Can I Trade Touch Weekly Options?

The 2 best places to trade these touch style weekly options is at TradesRush and on Anyoption. TradesRush offers greater returns and Anyoption tends to offer a greater selection, either way you can’t go wrong.

Click Here To Visit The TradesRush Weekly Options Platform

Click Here To Visit The Anyoption Weekly Options Platform


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